Can You Clean A Crystal With Sage, Sweetgrass, Or Incense?

Can You Clean A Crystal With Sage, Sweetgrass, Or Incense? 

Humanity is mutating into crystal beings… all science will  eventually confirm what for years, what the heart has known within those awakening souls, following humanitys mutation progress.

Existing earth science knows that heavy smoke and crystals do not actually mix well together… and so it is with the rest of the crystal world.

Do not mix your crystals and smoke together… Do NOT think you can clean a crystal by smudging, because it is not possible… crystals function best when cleansed…. highly cleansed… purified to the highest levels.

Do not possess a crystal that are you not willing to regularly clean.

If you do not believe heavy smoke damages crystal, hold your laptop over a fire and get it all smoky… see how clean you think it is, when the crystals inside the computer stop working!

Soooo is smudging with sage or sweetgrass good for us or not? 

Sage, sweetgrass and incense have healthy oils that are useful for the pituitary and pineal glands, to list but one of numerous benefits.

Sage and sweetgrass can be used to purify the aura.

Both sage and sweetgrass can be also enjoyed as teas; in tea form, we can ingest form that is unaltered by fire. Generally raw food is better for the body than cooked food… but there are exceptions.

Sage and sweetgrass and incense have their place in many of our lives as a cherished addition to our cleansing rituals, because when their smoke reaches our brains and bodies there can be a cleansing effect to a point, but keep in heart, that smoke is not so good to purify any crystal.  The smoke is helpful to decalcify the brain, which is helpful to raise the frequency of the brain including pineal and pituitary glands.

As you become more crystal yourself, you will naturally choose only the most cleansing of smoke if at all… you will do so because you are sensitive enough to feel more extreme subtle changes in your energy field.

I am going to make an hypothesis that a carbon-based being can be cleansed with smoke but not a crystal being who by definition is a purifed being…. so somewhere along the way, you may find your affinity for smoke intake to wane, as you crystallize your body, as part of your personal ascension process.

If you desire to achieve crystal status, then you shall… imagine it first.

 Historic Kuthumi Crystal Channeling

Kuthumi says: You also increase the rate at which your body is transforming from carbon to silicone base…it would benefit you immensely to work with the crystal kingdom:

source and more:

Ahh…. love that smudge…

Indian in the machine

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  1. Olivier gutierrez says:

    Hello kuthumi. Does the inhaling and use of marijuana smoke benefit the evolutionary process and ascension for some of us?

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