Kuthumi: Crystals and Their Functions

KUTHUMI: Crystals and Their Functions

Greetngs.Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Light.

This is Master Kuthumi. Today I’d like to discuss the use of crystals and stones used in healing. From ancient times, humanity has always been fascinated by stones and crystals. In ancient times, going way back to Lemuria and others, humanity had a fascination with stones and crystals. Even in the modern times, stones are worshipped when it is made into an art from – or a form with which they associate with their belief systems. Many parts of the world carve beautiful images of their perception of God/The Creator and worship them. There is somehting in these mineral kingdoms which calls to humanity’s heart. Crystals in particular has a great resonance with in humanity’s heart. Why is this so? For at the deepest level, all humanity is made of Crystalline structure and both the crystalline structure and the physical crystal outside emits light. When healers use crystals to bring healing and balance to their patients, what they are really doing whether they are consicous of it or not, is awakening them to remember their own cystalline nature. Humanity is evolving towards becoming a crystalline being where by they are able to comprehend their true essence/their true nature.

Crystals and stones are a part of Mother Earth, as you are a part of Mother Earth. So it is only natural that human beings has the same essence as crystals as both comes from the same source. As humanity can be exposed to negative energy, crystals can also be exposed to negative energy and just as human beings affected by the energy they pick up, crystals too emit the energy they pick up. When crystals are mined, it passes through a variety of hands before it reaches the ultimate customer and it will pick up energy from all the people who has handled these crysals from the time it is mined till it reaches your hand. So it is important that the crystal be thoroughly cleaned and purified before you program any kind of energy. Then again when you are progrmming your new found crystal, what state of consciousness you are in plays a large part in the energy you are working to program the crystal. Crystals can be programmed by intent, thought projection, energy transmission etc;, The next time you program a crystal, work in programming the crystal with a sound, a word, a symbol and then seal the crystal with the Platinum Shield of Archangel Michael. In this way, the crystal will be protected always and will emit only the energy you have programmed in to it.

There are several ways of using the crystal to bring healing. Crystals can be used to heal depression, sadness, anxiety, panic attack, confusion or any other debilitating human emotions. Ask the programmed crystal to absorb these debilitating emotions through out your energy field including your aura. Just by asking the crystals will do the work. You may also place the crystal on the human energy systems with in your body called Chakras and ask to absorb the blockages/the resistance which is causing the praticular problem in a human being. In cases of pain in the body, you can place your programmed crystals on that part of the body and ask it to absorb the pain. Naturally this is to be done with common sense as crystals work with the energy field only and all physical ailments must be properly treated by a medical profession. What the crystal can do is before the blocked energies can manifest as a sickness in the human body, absorb the blocked energies and release it thus alloing the flow of free energy through out the body.

If you have programmed your crystals with the energy of love or peace and any time you feel fear, anxious, panic, then you may keep the programmed crystal in your left hand and by blowing 3 times into it and by asking it to activate the programmed energy and enveloping you with this energy can bring you instand relief. In severe cases, you may want to place these programmed crystals around your neck in a string or otherwise. In this way, the crystals will always transmit the programmed energy into your being. The key here is to constantly send your energy into the programmed crystal thus strengthing it. Also do not forget to protect it with the Platinum Shield of Archangel Michael. It is good to wear crystal during the changing of the moon cycle every month (both the gender) and the crystal to be programmed for wearing during these times is called the energy of Groundedness and balance.

Also you can program the cystal with the word – Utilise, thus emphasising that the highened energy which is available during these specific times in a month can be utilised for creative purposes and also for higher spiritual anchoring of light into your being. You may also place a programmed crystal with the word Joy and Peace in a child’s bedroom which can help the child go to sleep easily and with out fear. Programmed crystals can be placed in a room where there is expectant mothers sleeping which will make the expectant mothers more aware of the precious being they carry inside and not only that the child inside the womb will pick up the programmed energy from the crystal also. The energy which can be programmed for this is the energy of remembrance and deep welcoming. The word which can be programmed is Gladness and whole hearted welcoming of the child into this world.

Programmed crystals can be placed in a student’s study room thus stimulating the intellect to explore more of life through the books and other study materials they have been provided with. The energy which can be programmed for this is invention and naturallness. The word which can be progrmmed in to the crystal is understanding. Programmed crystals are exceptionally good to place in elderly people’s homes like nursing homes, hospices, hospitals etc., The energy to be programmed into these crystals is deep peace, gratitude for life they have had so far and the word to be programmed is Release. Release of what – the emotional dramas, the anger, hatered, feat etc., Programmed crystals can also be placed in a room or a house where a passing away of a soul has occured whether by suicide or accident or in any other way. The energy to be programmed into the crystal is of Merging with the Source and complete letting go. The word to be programmed into the crystal is completion. For this particular kind of work, please use a clear quartz crystal.

You may also place programmed crystals on your work desk programming with the energy of growth and smoothness and the word you can programm in to the crystal is Recognition. You can place programmed crystals in any place you want to energise and bring healing.

In large public places, you can place large sized programmed cystals to bring harmony and benevolence to the people entering that space. This is especially good for busy public transportation systems like railway stations, bus stations etc,where large groups of people pass through with different energy every day. Programmed crystals can also be placed in busy intersections to reduce traffic accidents and also to bring a sense of harmony to the motorists who are driving through that area. It is good to keep programmed crystals in a busy restaurant so that there is harmony all the the time and everything flows smoothly and the people who are consuming the food and drink there feels relaxed and nurtured

The Lemurain people during their time used crystals for everything from creating energy for heating their homes to cooking their foods to healing themselves. Now this ancient knowledge is being brought again so that humanity may use the wonderous crystal to being healing and harmony into their lives once again and begin to Remember Once Again.

Master Kuthumi through Rae Chandran


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  1. Majidah says:

    Can one or more of the “5 Platonic solids in pure crystal” also be used as a purifier to charge the water? These are the different geometric forms:

    1. The Tetrahedron
    2. The Cube
    3. The Octahedron
    4. The Icosahedron
    5. The Dodecahedron

    Each one of these is also very powerful.

  2. I am an Indian from canada, and have been through several genocides…this is a photo of me, after 4 years of ionic foot baths….yup…

    This is a photo of me, after 4 years of ionic foot baths….yup, I’m 42 years old, and I eat generally what ever pleases me, but tend to go more raw and veggies, and have recently started to drink crystal water.  I am diligent but not obsessive  about having regular himalayan salt and MMS baths, to wash the chemtrails and viruses from my body and to reminerize it, as for most of my life I was only using table salt, and my body was beginning to fall apart in my mid 30’s as a result of lacking in minerals in their natural ratio.  Generally most people are not as concerned as I am, about their health and it shows in the eyes… sometimes people don’t like to look in the mirror but I do, because I want to experience “me living”.  I don’t believe that I came to earth to die, I came to earth to live and grow.  In order to connect with my own health, I connect with the truth.   Often people ask me for advice because they know there’s a gap, where their doctors fail them.  It’s my pleasure to assist you to close the gap between you and full health…the gap is called “denial”….and I have created several websites to assist, all of which can be accessed at http://www.indianinthemachine.com.  I am your loving brother from the stars and a shining point of light on this planet, and I’m here to assist you, however you’ll have to do it yourself…. heal thyself by ending your denial of God, because there IS a direct connection between your health and your connection with God…know it!  I enjoy making connections between 2012, health, crystals and sacred water and the spirit world….and seeing beyond this reality into the next, has certainly kept my spirits up. Keep on consciously dreaming and keep detoxing all those chemicals in your food, air, water and soil….the overall effect can be quite debilitating.  When you look at my face, know that you are looking at a man who has gone through and witnessed several genocides in his lifetime, and I have still risen up and you can too.  I feel you connecting with me, more and more… often people ‘recognize’ me through my eyes, my smile and my voice/music… smiles… thanks out there, those of you who have finally begun to share information that matters and to those who are rising up above all preconceived limitations on life and love.



    Indian in the machine


    ELECTRIC MEDICINE MAN 2012 – See Beyond Existing Reality tba



  3. Eliezer says:

    can you ask god if he can pay for the crystals and foot toxing cleaner ill pay him little by little true offering in my church?

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