Do You Live On The North American Pentagram? Here’s The Thing…

Do You Live On The North American Pentagram? Here’s The Thing…

North American Pentagram Of Blood Being Agitated! Something Strange Is Happening in Atlanta! Lightworker Prayers Needed! 

Basically here’s the thing…

If you research, you will discover many false flag and other events centred around the pentagram.

Now if everything is ‘set to go off at once’ you can imagine where it will be?

Everyone living on earth is now realizing their spiritual responsibility…

We all must program the environments we live in, for paradise.

The same is if you live on the north american pentagram.

If you are reading these words… you can contribute to reprogramming the pentagram and the earth grid, for “paradise”.

It makes no difference if you don’t know what that may look like, what is important is that you ‘feel’ the energy of paradise, to eventually see it.

You can see why television programming along the north american pentagram isn’t all that helpful to the creation of paradise… because it’s not what the reptilian hybrids want.

Crystals are useful to reprogram one’s reality, into something more like ‘paradise’.

Calling all energy grid workers… this is our time to shine violet flame, and christ conscious flame of blue, red and pink… on the north american pentagram!

See, that was easy! Just hold ‘er steady, and keep up the grid working… until we are in paradise with all creatures.

Indian in the machine


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