O.N.E. News Experiment #2 – The Futuristic Crystal And Orgonite Food And Water Vortex

O.N.E. News Experiment #2 – The Futuristic Crystal And Orgonite Food And Water Vortex

From: http://www.ournewearthnews.com/

Food can be grown right now with crystal water, that has been blessed. Crystal elixirs will become commonplace. Food and drink can be served on crystals. The soil will have bacteria that can excrete tiny gold particles. All food will be tested for mineral sufficiency, and all ingredients shall be known and comprehended.Food replicators will make things even more interesting. All food is grown within a crystal and orgonite (lifeforce) grid. All water comes into contact with a crystal and orgonite (lifeforce) grid. Business opportunity for millions hmmmmm?? Food will be stored in orgonite (lifeforce) containers. Food will have the taste of love. The water will taste like liquid love. The global food system will be completely free of garbage accumulation. Packages will be made from edible superfoods. Food becomes essentially free, as humanity learns that it’s better to share than to compete with your own species and environment. All food choices are heart choices.

O.N.E. News Experiment #2 – The Orgonite And Crystal Food And Water Vortex

Any one can participate in these experiments and vortices.

The vortex that has been created has been described above.

If you choose this mission, you will then focus the FEELINGS of this vortex for at least 17 seconds at a time.

Guidance:  Imagine what it’s like to have all this healing beautiful life enriching beautiful water, and food, all over the globe… and FEEL how you would feel… the effect of doing this, is like catching a fish in the future, and reeling it in, the ‘now’.

You will believe 100% in the vortex.

The vortex is co-manged with Archangel Michael and Uriel, so only the ‘God stuff gets in’.

This vortex is a gift to humanity here, and those to come.

This vortex will ensure humanity’s thrival.

This vortex is assisting humanity to put the joyful love, back into the food and water.





Thank you for your participation!

Oh, there’s also another vortex below that you can work with, by making a financial contribution towards O.N.E. News.  Our only support here, is through you… and we created a vortex to help make your dreams come true.

Join The O.N.E. News Manifestation Vortex Circle

Okay you extraterrestrials out there.. maybe you want to quicken your manifestations and realize that there can be more results in a group… I invite you to join the O.N.E. News Manifestation Circle, whereby joining in the circle with a gift donation of $20 or more, you join in with a manifestation vortex co-managed by Archangels Uriel and Michael, that is completely energetically supporting your dreams… this vortex is a gift to create your zing to your soul filled creations and it helps to make O.N.E. News a completely self-sustained effort. Each month, contributors will receive guidance on how to interact with the vortex… and of course, the vortex is managed by the archangel realm, so it cannot be stolen, or tampered with… it’s fun stuff.

Imagine yourself joining in a circle that shares a powerful vortex where the best of everyone’s intentions are fuel for the vortex… and it yields big time results… it’s here, imagine the circle opening up, and smiling faces are inviting you to share the space as an equal… and yet unique… with gifts in a special combination that only you can bring.

The O.N.E. News Manifestation Vortex Circle provides more energetic group support, for any project that is for the greater good for all.

The following links are to to be read before you work with the group vortex… in joy. 🙂

Group Manifestation Experiment #1 – The Money Vortex

Create Your Magic Portal Of Light, With Steps To Create A Higher Dimensional Life, Via Our Galactic Family

A labour of love feels effortless.

Special greetings to all the readers coming in from wakkeremensen.blogspot.nl

Indian in the machine


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