Stimulated Babble Everywhere Going Nowhere… the antidote is MER-KA-NA~

It is time for humans to gather together and support those who know what they heartfully speak of… correct? Those who are universal in knowing are the ones to listen to. For those who are not universal in knowing (humanistic), it is time to be quiet and listen, we’ve been listening to reptilian-influenced humanistic humans babbling their destructive tendencies and limited thought-forms… many politicians… rap music and many forms of popular music… cnn… talkshows… award winning propaganda artists… mainstream media in general… alpha egos… overly stimulated humans on coffee, empty food, marijuana, prescription drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and numerous poisons etc.. perpetuating lives of heartless living, imitation and artifice…agents of a dying parasitic dark age, emphasizing polar non-crystallizing mind traps. Use your stimulants and catalysts to create the new crystal you, and to transcend the version of you that is controlled by others and your body… listening to the higher inner self is key, which is why meditation is key. Although you need no third party between you and Creator, we are all here to either help each other (or hinder as in the case for vast forces)… choose wisely, powerfully and lovingly and all your joyfilled dreams will manifest… I offer you a key to research: MERKANA. -Indian in the machine


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