DOES THIS SACRED GEOMETRY IMAGE, HAVE A CALMING EFFECT? SACRED GEOMETRY CREATES PEACEFUL PLANET, WITH OUR PARTICIPATION Sacred geometry has the power to balance our energy field… look at this image and feel better… do a fun test and see if others on your feed will feel better with this image… is it calming? Imagine now that this image can calm the populace, who is now near a breaking point of sorts… imagine how power of a calming ripple of peace, that you personally have participated in, echo powerfully across the globe, and into the cosmos… we don’t have to do anything more, than desire our own personal balance, and then to share our Light, with others… this my friends, is the power of this image… and other sacred geometry images… it’s where the miracles are…. welcome to the Golden Age… it’s going to be great in 2017, because that’s what we create… we create ourselves to be great, and with the power of the sacred geometrical universe, we share our greatness, as a planet, that could have destroyed itself, but instead… and in an instance… we remember the sacred geometry of our cells, of our soul… together we breakthrough to the other side, where instead of focusing on what is wrong, we focus on what is right… and what is right, is that we as a planet, join in the peace of the universe, and take our rightful place in the sacred geometry of an ascending multiverse. Doesn’t it feel better to live this way? We are not learning this… we are remembering. It’s a promise that Creator made to us and will forever keep… that which one focuses on, will be attracted, though it can seem opposite…nonetheless, we remember… we remember we have a choice to attract heaven or hell… I choose heaven… I choose Creator’s Will, Thy Will Be Done… I stand as a strong being in the circle of infinity… of equality… of peace with all lifeforms. I am open to the power of love… I am open to the power of love… I am love. Share freely, with blessings. Love, Indian

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Imagine earthlings… EARTH… WISDOM…. FOUNDATION….

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