Archangel Uriel School Creates Tesla Tower “Future City” Diorama Complete With Crystals And Sacred Geometrical Layout

Archangel Uriel School Creates Tesla Tower “Future City” Diorama Complete With Crystals And Sacred Geometrical Layout

To the right of the entrance is a large model depicting what is known as “Future City.” A craft queen’s dream, the colorful, light-up diorama is made up of plastic crystal towers glued together, and surrounding a miniature Tesla tower — what Unariuns believe will be the primary source of energy in Earth’s future (they’re big on Nikola Tesla).
Here is a beaut!
New buildings will have much more symmetry and beauty to them…
The buildings themselves may mimic crystal clusters!
Why don’t humans live in crystal cities right now? We are creating them right now, with our imaginations, and yes, we will see them and walk through them, and live in them… however, we are still in the last vestiges of the old world… the celebrities and the sports and distractions… were all about dark forces wanting to distract you away from your divine true nature and connection with Creator, that can not even be broken, but it can be ignored! Humans were trained from birth to be addicted to the physical world, addicted to things that do not fully nourish the body and soul… now what? 
This Nibiru passby is certainly going to inspire many to create the new cities of the new restored earth… that will be manifested on this planet, after the big Nibiru flyby, in which everything may be going through more of a cleansing than most earthlings can even imagine… Six Major Steps Of Nibiru Passby: Atlantic Rift Tug, Earth Wobble, Earth Lean, 3 Days Of Darkness, Earth Rotation Stop, Poleshift… Planetary Magnetism Explained

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Humanity continues to grow in our crystal consciousness…

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  1. Dr. Elizabeth Martin says:

    How beautiful! I hope we’ll still have trees and birds and animals…………….cheers!

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