How To Make A Crystal Or Gemstone Elixir. Jeremy’s Method.

Thu, 08/02/2012 – 18:17 — smashdracs

For people who are serious about making quality gemstone elixirs, the book “Gemstone Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol 1” by Gurudas is the best guide you can own, but for those people who would like to make a quality and effective gem elixir without wading through a comprehensive (and somewhat “over-baked instructional), here is a “basic” method.

NB: The method explained here is my version of “The Full Moon Method”. There are other methods.

This tutorial begins with a warning. Some gemstones and minerals are toxic, such as Galena or Malachite, others are soft and water soluble such as Halite or Selenite and could be damaged in an attempt to make an elixir by this method. It is up to YOU to do due diligence on this before placing any crystals or minerals into water that is intended to be ingested.

Although this is intended to be a basic method, making an effective gem elixir requires some work and attention to detail. The more attention paid to detail, the greater your success will be.