If you choose to use the Daily Practices, these may very simply be used without the recorded meditation like this: –
1. ‘I call Light to myself now!’ — so that you feel the streaming bright white Light of Spirit encompass your body and aura, moving straight down through the body of Gaia below you.
2. ‘I open my Cosmic & Earth star portals now!’ — opening those portal chakras at the top and bottom of your aura, that you may receive the highest energy available from Mother-Father God and from Gaia herself.
3. ‘I ground myself into the heart of Gaia now!’ — from your belly you send a grounding cord down through your root chakra, down through the bottom of you aura, anchoring into the core crystal which is the heart of Gaia.

These 3 steps alone — calling Light to yourself; opening the cosmic & Earth star portals and grounding yourself into Gaia — will place you in a state of vertical alignment with all that is above and all that is below, that you may be a channel for the Divine energies of Heaven into Earth, and for the Divine energies of the Goddess Gaia into this planet and onto Her surface and Her creatures.

Bring yourself into alignment in this way or in any other way — and at the chosen time (for which sunrise is recommended — a sacred time in which the rising of the great Being of the Sun assists you in connecting with the portal through the etheric body of the Sun Being and into the heart of the galaxy) – as you feel yourself in vertical connection and in perfect peace and balance, visualise your 12 chakras — 3 above your head, 7 within and 3 below) — visualise that the crystalline ray (which is gifted to us today from the Lord Sanat Kumara Himself) streams through your 12 chakras, igniting each in turn.

1. igniting the Cosmic Star Portal at the top of your aura
2. the Soul Star Portal below that
3. the I-AM Portal just above your head
4. and straight into the Crown chakra, moving through the crown,
5. the third eye,
6. the throat,
7. the heart,
8. the solar plexus,
9. the sacral or navel chakra,
10. and the root…
11. moving through the Gaia Portal, which is the chakra between your feet,
12. and moving finally through the Earth Star Portal, which is the final connection into the planet Gaia below.

And as you experience and visualise this crystalline ray of Light from the higher realms, spinning through your 12 chakras, you will feel your entire aura and physical body ignited into the crystalline frequency which is your birth right as a multidimensional being of Light.

Love love love
Solara An-Ra Warrior of the Light 🙂


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