Indian in the machine – Non-photoshopped images of a crystal aura

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Indian in the machine


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  1. How do I use my crystals? I have a amathist, a apache tear,and a jade,also a white crystal…

  2. Lorraine says:

    I believe you have the Amethyst to ground you – try sittng with it in your lap when you are at home watching tv. The Blue Rays need grounding crystals, especially now. The Apache Tear you should carry in your pocket as protection from all types of negative energies (cleanse them daily), it will help to remove and transmute these from your aura and will also ground you. The jade is also for protection and luck, bringing happy, vibrant energies into your aura and the clear or white crystal is for purification. Love & Light, Lorraine xxx Hope you had a similar answer to your question in 2012.

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