‘The Crystalline Grid’ – enlightening information channelled from The Crystal Team through Lindsay

“The crystalline grid of which you are asking for more information is a most delicate structure within your body. As you know your body is energy, all is energy, the Earth is energy and at the same time there is some substance, some of what you call elements, water, minerals in order to create a physical form in which to experience the spiritual life as part of the Divine Plan, as part of the whole.

The structure of Crystals

Crystals as you know have structures and these vary according to the type of crystal but in general a crystal is a repetitive structure where the cells grow in a constant and regular formation which allows them to grow into their form. It allows them to behave – if you will – in the vibrational frequency as they are routinely repetitively formed and can hold the resonance because of this. You also understand that crystals have cells which hold memories and have an innate sense of knowing. They hold all that has happened in the history of the Earth, they hold the Divine Plan, they are the essence of Oneness as they are part of the Earth and part of you – so can you see the connection – the completeness, the link in the essence of life?

The crystals within water, salt, your body are all connected in these essential ways and as crystals vibrate and resonate and bring into alignment your vibrations, so too the crystals in water can be adversely affected by pollution and by negativity. This link that runs through your world, this link that runs through humans and the link that spreads out into the stars and the planets that links into the crystalline grid can be affected too.
The connections continue to grow; the Oneness of all from Source, or the Great Presence, the Great Energy Being is so marvellously linked together, united by love and light and Divinity spreading out to you all, into your Earth and out into the beyond. Continue reading “EARTH’S CRYSTALLINE GRID, AND IT’S EFFECT ON OUR HEALTH: The crystalline grid in your body is that which links and connects you to Mother Earth, to her beauty, her divinity, her nourishment and her loving support. You are dear Earth beings, of the Earth and are inextricable linked to her. The imprint of the Divine Plan As she moves to ascension, her energies are changing and those people who are reluctant to change will face more problems as their crystalline grid will be discordant with Mother Earth’s energies and they will physically feel lost, out of balance and ill at ease for their connection with their support system will be weakened and they will be resisting the new brighter energies of Mother Earth.”