Indian in the machine – Indian’s Talk At Crystal Weekend (MP3) now at CDBaby for $5!… Blessed Holy Crystal Days

Indian in the Machine : Indian's talk at Crystal Weekend

Preview Song Name Time Buy
1. Galactic Photon Belt Is Mutating Humanity Into New Species 10:30 Album Only
2. Making a Conscious Effort to Reprogram Reality 5:06 Album Only
3. Humanity Is Remembering How to Use Crystals 5:33 Album Only
4. Cleaning and Programming Crystals 9:47 Album Only
5. Making Crystal Water 9:29 Album Only
6. The Meaning of 10 10 10 3:19 Album Only
7. More Uses of Crystals

Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) drummer, ionic foot bath internet distributor, spiritual artist, blogger, spiritual sky photographer, and healer… has a mission to assist humanity to make a giant quantum leap forward into the new age of crystal.  Indian is one of the few people currently sharing the new Jesus messages on the internet… check them out… among other important messages for these times:  true conspiracies, preparing for 2012, weather wars, the photon belt our solar system is travelling through, earth changes, galactic federation, archangel michael, hatonn, Aton, and numerous others.  He is the founder of the CRYSTALS AND HEALTH INFORMATION CENTRE, an online resource, for using crystals to attract new forms of health and human power.  Dieter currently lives and loves in Mexico.


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