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Hello beautiful one! Thank you for your wonderful water blessing info….I myself also have a system that I put my glass jugs of water(with different types of crystals dangling on them ) I set them on the ground for 24hrs so as to return it to its natural form of sun ,moon and earth everytime…. I set it down to be blessed I send the most powerful love I can create inside and just wait for confirmation that the love has imprinted into the water….I use it for cleansing my face and most of all drinking and more…I have been doing this for awhile now…and for special blessings I play high resonation music onto it and use sacred geometric symbols to empower it even more, sometimes it is so powerful that it can make one dizzy or disoriented …as far as the himalayan salt I put it on my food but do not cook with it as it cooks out some of the minerals…..I love our new ways of being, it is the way of the Gods & Goddesses.
Much respect to you….and many blessings dear one!


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  1. Jeanne says:

    Heidi, I really enjoyed the cheery experience of your water blessings. It’s a cold day and the bubbles and butterfly theme of joy hit home. thanks.

    1. Hello Jeanne! I just noticed this comment all the way from December, I am so glad that you were delighted with my info for the water blessings. Butterflies are joyful aren’t they! 😀

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