Orgone Experiences & Observations & Working with Orgonite




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  1. Jeanne says:

    My email of yesterday did not post so I’ll repeat this great encounter using ionic foot plates from indian in the machine. two friends came over yesterday 12/7 for ionic foot baths. The newest person told me she wanted to try it because her father
    with 1/2 of only one kidney functioning uses the ionic footbath and refused dialysis over 5 years ago, he lives a normal life with the regular use. she felt there must be something to that and How do you LOVE that!!? Just finished another round of foot baths today. I love using tom kenyon “immunity” and ascension but wow, some of the new music I can now hear again with the new computer AND sound on your site is great. Gotta catch up after the replacement. this feels wonderful to be able to hear it again. Jeanne

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