ARCHANGEL METATRON: The benevolent use of crystals includes

 The benevolent use of crystals included:

– Physical & Emotional Healing, Rejuvenation

– Sound & Music enrichment and crystalline musical instruments

– Meditation, Amplification of Mental Capacity & Information Download

– Dematerialization – teleportation – telekinesis with the ‘Hyper dimensional Tunnel’ Network

– Antigravity Plasma, Magnetic force fields

– Libraries – storing records and other knowledge, much like a computer

– Creation of ‘higher energy fields’ for use in schools, research facilities & factories

– Increase of Plant Growth in Farming & Agriculture

– Weather Control- Amplification of Natural Ley Energy- Communication

– Power Transmission-Crystals have the ability to transfer energy, to retain it, to maintain its intensity, to focus & transmit it over great distance .



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