According to Saint Germain through Kasandra
channelled on 5/14/00 -Santa Fe, New Mexico

Good evening all….

The Platinum Ray is not from this Galaxy. It is Andromedan in nature. The Platinum Ray is very special for Andromedans, too. It has been used in other galaxies by divine dispensation. It is not a “popular” ray, because it is so powerful. It is a fairly new ray, brought by God to planet earth due to the divine intervention that so many beings, such as yourselves, have been praying, meditating, lobbying and doing sacred ceremonies for.– and all kinds of different ways, activities and actions that are taking place on the earth to change the status quo, as it is called. And the status quo, of course, is the abolishment of slavery and ignorance of any kind on this planet.

This particular ray has been brought by divine dispensation and is fairly new to the Andromedans and other galaxies around the universe who at one time or another have been ripe to receive this ray, so that the actions that take place within the holding of this ray are exremely powerful.

This ray has to do with rejuvenation of the earth–in all matter, and all levels of the material plane–so it is not just focused on human rejuvenation, but also it is focused on the environment. It can be utilized for the cleansing and purifying of the environment, and has a particular frequency that is especially efficacious to manage, dissipate and dissolve harsh chemicals.