Indian in the machine – 11/11/11 Atlantean-Arkansas Platinum Crystal Activation


Uploaded by  on Nov 6, 2011

Indian in the machine


11-11-11 will mark the climax of the new energy wave; this is an energy anchoring from the
very source and soul of the Creator into the Earth but more importantly into each person upon
the Earth. There is a larger percentage than ever before of energy programmed to anchor into
people rather than the energy and consciousness of the Earth. This is a great achievement in
itself as it signifies that humanity is ready to take responsibility for their own spiritual
development, that change can and will come from within each person projected into the Earth’s
reality rather than influencing the Earth to jolt humanity into awakening.

According to Saint Germain through Kasandra

The Energy of the 11-11-11 (Part 1)


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