HOW TO SEE THE 5 NEW PRIMARY COLOURS (PART 5) – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Dear world,

I’ve been enjoying this new series “How to see the 5 new primary colours”, because it’s helping me to make sense of our world and what we are both witnessing and creating.   As we walk out of this “old age” of 7 primary colours…. we walk into a “new age” of 12 primary colours”… will it stop there.. who knows? But for now the sky is certainly revealing to us these 5 new primary colours… we are seeing these new colours in cloudships, sylphs, unusual clouds,  and aurora borealis… with more to come…

For now, most of humanity lives in a world of 7 primary colours, with the potential to experience 12 primary colours….

A recap from part 1 as to the 5 new rays….


As many spiritually conscious beings know… there are some very good messages coming through the internet these days from friendly and loving extraterrestrials… some of whom can be seen in the sky.

I love reading these channeled messages…one channeled message that I’ve been drawn to read and re-read…trying to comprehend… is the Sananda message that discusses 5 new rays… which I have interpreted to mean 5 new colours….

Entire Sananda message can be read here

Within this Sananda message above, is the following info:

8TH RAY – Seafoam green with violet: clear and cleanse 4 bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

9TH RAY – Luminescent light green and blue: love, joy and passion for life

10TH RAY – Pearlescent luminosity: Code your lightbody into the physical, draw in your I AM Presence

11TH RAY – Peach luminosity: Bridge to new age, balance male and female polarities

12 RAY – White Gold: Cosmic fire, ease and grace in one’s creation.


What kinda colour is sea foam green with violet?

When I saw this video sent in by Darcy Fallowfield, it demonstrated this new colour of seafoam green with violet…. sounds like two colours to me, but that could be just limited 3D thinking…. I’m watching this video below of crazy northern lights taken during the solar storm hitting earth…., and I’m seeing “sea foam green with violet”…… enjoy…..

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I am the space eagle, guiding the way home…



Indian in the machine