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  1. Jeanne says:

    Darn. I can’t hear any of it since my monitor with the sound board died in June. wish it were in writing.
    I appreciate the view and send. busy trying to set up the right crystals for spirit water #2. A great plan for the time. thank you.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Hi Dieter. I have been giving ionic footbaths with Tom Kenyon Immunity Cd, also collodial Silver and a fine quality tincture array from Boulder, Wishgarden, products, like “Kickass Immune”, “Deep Lung”, “Lymph Mover” and another brand Holy Basil. After 4 weeks able to raise the Kinesiology tests into the 400 ranges and more for the Dutch Healer girlfriend whose normal is at worst over 425 to well over 525. The averge vibration of a barely intrested or questioning person might hit 200. Most are well below that or glowless all together maybe. I have read St. Germaine’s journal about radioactivity and the metals capacity to expand in to death etc. Once reading it again, I am ever more determined whether I make money or not to administer the infor with the ionic footbaths and detoxing, since we all need to have the heart registering to each of us together to be tuned in with our situation and to absorb the new sacred geometries around and above us. Thanks, little brother, (I’m older) want to share some new update with you too. Check out http://www.messagesoflightfromvictoria.com/blogspot re reecent appearances at Pagoa Springs Colorado. Also my 1t cousin A, says that a driver saw 4 large radioactivity testing vnas coming south into Denver.

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