March 2011

Orgone energy and Orgonite: What is it, and what can it do? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Orgone energy and Orgonite: What is it, and what can it do? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Orgonite is the fusing of a metal bit with a non-metal (usually polyester resin) into molds of various shapes and sizes to create LIFEFORCE called “orgone” or “chi”.

Orgone energy can be either negative orgone or positive orgone.

An example of technology producing negative orgone is a cell phone tower.

An example of technology producing positive orgone or positive lifeforce, is “orgonite”.

Our planet has it’s own orgone cycle with it’s foundation in the metal ore deposits….remember lifeforce is generated by bringing metal and non-metal together either in naturally in mother nature, or artificially as in the creation of manmade orgonite.

When we mine for metals on our planet, we upset the orgone cycle so we can muse manmade orgonite to correct planetary and environmental lifeforce imbalances.

We can create orgonite to bring more balanced lifeforce to mother earth and our environments.

Manmade orgonite molds strategically placed, can lessen or reverse the effect of dead orgone radiation coming from electrical appliances, computers, fridges, freezers, televisions, cell phone towers etc.

If you take your computer tower for example, and you ground it by attaching a copper wire, to the orgonite, and the other end to your computer tower, you can greatly lessen the radiation coming off the computer tower.

People are making orgonite cloudbusters by taking a big bucket of orgonite that has large copper pipes sticking out of it, and aiming it at the sky with our without a ground wire connected to a bucket of water.

Orgonite cloudbuster was depicted in Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting” video.

Saskatoon artist Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) has demonstrated that orgonite will attract sky spirits and extraterrestrials, who want humanity to use orgonite to clean up our environment, and to neutralize the chemtrails.

Orgonite technology is advancing.

All over the world people are making orgonite and are “gifting” the environment.

Orgonite can also be used to make healing chambers, and other applications….. imagine: orgonite saunas, orgonite furniture, orgonite living spaces, orgonite gardens, orgonite jewelry, etc.

Some factors with orgonite strength are:

1. The more surface area between metal and non metal, the stronger the orgone energy.

2. Shapes and size

3. Types of metal, and non-metal used.

4. Crystals are added to program orgonite for specific purpose, and to increase the inherent frequency of the orgonite.

5. Arranging orgonite in sacred geometric configurations is bound to have a positive effect in the strength of orgone energy harnessed.

Humans are also living, breathing, orgone generators.

As you harmonize with sacred sounds, yoga, chanting, drumming and so on, you rearrange the water and cells in your body in sacred geometric configuration, thus maximizing the lifeforce or positive orgone, emitting from your body.

There is a big need for more orgonite gifting to the environment, and for people to understand the basics of generating lifeforce using simple beautiful technologies like orgonite.

Check out

Orgonite thread at RED SHAMAN FORUM Your ideas and networking are welcome here.

Orgone research was pioneered by William Reich.

Remember folks, the more lifeforce, the more Godforce, therefore don’t overlook the simple and beautiful applications of generating more God energy via orgonite.

If you’re underemployed or needing some cash…why not take some of these new technology ideas to the next level? If you believe there is “no work” then consider that we each have imaginations ever expanding which can generate income, employment and a fulfilling way to gift exchange with the universe.


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on Mar 28, 2011

In this poignant discourse, Louix describes the effects that listening to music can have on one’s body, mind, and aura. He qualifies all of His statements by stating that “dense” music is not limited to any specific type or genre of music, and stresses the importance of not generalizing about one type of music. He discusses how discordant sounds and vibrations can ravage and debilitate the human aura and, conversely, how music of very high/loving vibration can heal and uplift you, with even the ability of removing karma and toxicity.


The ultimate smoothie for a chemtrailed and nuclear radiated planet – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

not bad for someone who has been chemtrailed, radiated, fluoridated, and lives in an environment of poisoned food, air, water and soil…. must be all those smoothies, himalayan salt baths, and ionic foot baths.  Please check the main page at LISTEN TO THE RED SHAMAN 2012 for more earth changes updates, health tips, shaman music and videos, and new ways to bring in the new crystal golden age.

The ultimate smoothie for a chemtrailed and nuclear radiated planet – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Good morning in the dawning of the Golden Age!  I hope you’re continuing to seek out new ways to harmonize with the intense energies of change and renewal that are bathing our planet: solar flares, chemtrails, wifi, emf waves, radiation, earthquakes, pole shifting….all of this is causing the planet and ourselves to cleanse into better ways that are harmony…

The bear in me is also coming out of hibernation, stretching my body, detoxing in many ways, and planning….this is a time where it’s good to decipher one’s dreams…both day dreams and nightdreams.

The question remains every moment we awake…”What do I want to do with this day?”  Are you making daily lists if you feel it’s helpful to add to your longer-term lists?

I’ve been excitedly stocking up with a few food supplies… of particular interest these days is my 11lbs of spirulina (awesome for radiation), and organic unhulled hemp seeds.  While these seeds are radiated because (ALL INDUSTRIES APPEAR TO FEAR HEMP AT THIS TIME BECAUSE IT CAN REPLACE THEM ALL)…. nonetheless I firmly believe the hemp is one of the perfect foods on this planet….is there another? I’m open…

And so because hemp tends to bring out the God in everything… one of the “perfect proteins”…then along with “perfect protein” spirulina which also removes radiation….we have a perfection foundation for rebuilding the body…then add banana and some sweetness  and maybe some chai spices, we have….drum roll please…. ” The ultimate smoothie for a chemtrailed and nuclear radiated planet.”

The ultimate smoothie for a chemtrailed and nuclear radiated planet – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

(feel free to vary this recipe due to afford-ability or availability)

In one blender:

1/4 to 1/2 cup of unhulled hemp seeds (hulls will clean out intestine and deworm)….or other added sprouted nuts or seeds.

1/2 to 1 tsp of spirulina (anti-radiation)

1 banana or other fruit

Organic cane sugar or honey to sweeten (Many food conscious people will avoid sugar, but they are missing out on another one of God’s gifts…organic cane sugar… yum)

Add anti-parasite herbs: chai spices cinnamon, cardamon, all spice or other flavouring or medicines… hey if it can deworm a billion people in india, then chai is for me!

Add blood cleaner: burdock root powder goes nicely with this recipe and also cleans the blood)

Add ice  and pure water and blend on high speed.

You can filter, but seed hulls can be chewed and will automatically sink to bottom of cup.


When I drink this beverage I know now what it means when people say that the body assimilates hemp and spirulina very quickly…the sugar will nourish the blood in a rush..carrying the lifeforce of the sprouts with it.  You can feel the body rush, you can feel the brain rush…. this is how if feels when the body is coming into balance.




Indian in the machine



THE KEYS TO DETOXING YOUR BODY FROM CHEMTRAILS!… Himalayan salts, baking soda and ionic foot baths – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

My heart goes out to you…those of who are discovering the horrible nature of chemtrails, and coming into knowing as to the damage this is causing to the human body…  our planet is being sprayed by toxins in order to introduce disease and reduce the population…sounds crazy but it’s happening…sounds crazy, but it’s affecting our health, even if we don’t believe that chemtrails are real.




Chemtrail contamination is definitely a concern for me on my farm; I wonder if there will be or what kind of long-term health ramifications will result in my animals from eating pasture and hay grown in chemtrail infested soil. I’d imagine high levels of contaminants in the ponds they drink out of, too.

Very important to note that Monsanto’s seeds are designed to grown in soil with high levels of aluminum in it. I doubt this was accidental. The collusion between government and Monsanto is so freaking obvious.

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In order to affect a positive change and reach mass consciousness, we must act together to reach critical mass. The following proclamations have been designed to transmute both the toxic residues and effects for the individual, the Earth and all life forms upon and within it.

Read and embody the following proclamations-then immediately forward this entire message to your e-mail list. Timing is critical. Share it with all who are open to it. This could determine the future of the human species.

The following triad of proclamations work together as one. It is important to work with them as one.


From the Divine Love within my Being.
I am one with Creation on all levels of consciousness.
I call forth all energies connected to chemtrails
interfering with my free-will choice
and the free-will choice of humanity
and all life form cocreating with humanity.

I defuse and render inactive
all programming connected to chemtrails
in perfect sequential order
on all levels of consciousness.

I command all energies
involved with chemtrails,
as far as those energies extend,
be transmuted into the divine expression of Creative Love
and returned to Creator Source
to be used only as a positive, productive energy.

I command all tissues in my body
and aspects of my being
that have been damaged by chemtrails,
interfering with my ability
to experience my divine perfection,
whether it has been created with or without my permission,
now be restored to divine perfection.

I command that all damage created by chemtrails
to all life forms living in cocreation with humanity upon the planet Earth
interfering with their ability to experience their perfected state of being,
now be restored to divine perfection
in a manner that will restore peace, joy and harmony upon the Earth.
And so it is.

Artificial Intelligence

From the Divine Love within my Being.
I am one with Creation on all levels of consciousness.
I command this proclamation
reflect through all time and space and beyond
and on all levels of consciousness.

I call forth all individuals and factions of beings,
regardless of name, rank or title,
that harbor the intent
or have initiated the process to enslave humanity
on any level of consciousness.

I command a cease to all such activities.
I command this intent and process
plus all activities that have been put into motion
be transmuted into the divine expression of Creative Love
and returned to Creator Source
to be used only as a positive, productive energy
in cocreation with humanity.

I command all energies that have been used
with or without my permission
to create and perpetuate artificial intelligence
in a manner that violates the free-will of humanity
and those life forms cocreating with humanity
be reversed in perfect sequential order
and be restored to a state
that is in harmony with humanity
and all life forms upon and within the planet Earth.

I call forth all individuals that have been compromised by this effort,
to be enslaved or rendered less than human,
and the totality of their soul to integrate in divine perfection,
while at the same time the artificial intelligence and programming
be removed synchronistically,
one replacing the other in perfect harmony
in a manner that will bring joy and peace to all humanity.

I call forth each individual within humanity to speak
as one in voice,
one in consciousness,
one in intent,
as humanity declares its independence
as a sovereign species,
claiming responsibility for its actions
and dominion over its creation.

I call forth all individual Beings to stand before me
as I stand before you, in love.

I now offer you this proclamation to accept or reject
according to your free-will choice.

Go in peace.

And so it is.

A Declaration for Humanity

As a spokesman for humanity
I choose to walk through the veils of illusion.
I will no longer live in a world that distorts my truth.

I will no longer allow another life form to manipulate,
violate or coerce my efforts to exercise my free-will,
or experience my divine expression.

I claim my free-will and my sovereignty.

I call forth all energies that have been blocked,
distorted or manipulated
in an effort to control my life,
my world or my creations
in any form
on any level of consciousness,
and transmute them into the divine expression of Creative Love.

I stand empowered.

I choose to experience my divine expression.

I claim responsibility for my world, my creations and my choices.

I call for all individuals within humanity
who hold this vision
to stand as one in voice,
one in mind
and one in intent
to be well, whole and perfect
in mind, body and soul.

And now . . . as one in consciousness,
I dissolve the veils of illusion
and transmute them into the divine expression of Creative Love
and return them to Creator Source
to be used only in the divine expression of Creative Love.

I command this take place in a harmonious sequence
for all life form cocreating with humanity.

I claim my spiritual truth
as I honor all others
as I honor myself
in my words, deeds and actions.

I am the divine expression of Creative Love.

I am whole.

And so it is.

For information regarding Rich Work, visit LINK`http``font-size: 11px; margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; line-height: 1.4em; color: rgb(127, 29, 29); text-decoration: none; `LINK




AA METATRON AURA AND CRYSTALS ADVICE: Auric Metamorphosis: Changing the Etheric Skin:

AA METATRON AURA AND CRYSTALS ADVICE: Auric Metamorphosis: Changing the Etheric Skin:

The reverse process is also occurring within many of the more enlightened souls. There are many of you who are already tapping into your expansive multidimensionality as the 144-Crystalline grid enables greater dimensional access. The result is that your inner EMF is pulling in great surges of energy, energy levels that are somewhat greater than the parameters of your auric capacitors. In these cases, the result is that a stretching, an overload occurs resulting in temporary fissure cracks, and energy loss. You are changing your skin.

Part of this metamorphic stretching, requires a cleansing process. The very multidimensionality of power nodes and of the Ascension itself are ‘crucibles’ and will force ones issues to the surface, and thus allow the entity an important opportunity to confront & release any imbedded obstacles. Better sooner than later. This is why these are popping up for so many of you. Attempts to rebury them, ignore them will simply cause the issue to grow and fester.

These issues themselves, unresolved, will generate stress, and lead to the reactive fields of polar reversal, circuitry failure and auric bleeding.

Dear Ones, truly there is a meta-science around auric integrity. This is not a new science, rather a forgotten transitioning one, but one that must be understood, relearned, by all who seek to grow, all who seek balance, wisdom & knowledge.

An intact auric field allows one to re-build the Cosmic Lattice, and achieve 13-20-33 circuitry and as such multidimensional expansion through the levels of the crystalline Mer-Ki-Va system. A fractured field loses energy and the energy loss stresses the physical circuitry. If the loss is not recognized and reconciled, it can lead to chronic polarity reversal, emotional lows, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, migraines, weight gain, anxiety and panic disorders to list but a few. These can be reconciled.

Now, we encourage all of you to actively study this subject.

What you must understand however is that there are many diverse sources of detrimental EMF impacts that can slow the ‘metamorphis’ create varying degrees of temporary circuitry damage to the field, and these must be dealt with. Imagine these as slow leaks to the tires on your vehicle. If ignored the tire will go flat, and the vehicle cannot move forward. So it is with your auric field.

Question to AA Metatron: How does one recognize auric bleeding?

AAMetatron: First by understanding certain conditions that can create energetic imbalances and auric energetic diffusion. Those we have listed in the above discourse… The human EMF has certain built in defenses. Just as your skin has 3 levels of sheathing, so to speak, your auric fields have twelve layers on the earth dimensions. The outer 3 levels are where most of the energetic diffusion takes place from electromagnetic waves, microwaves can affect you on much deeper levels.
Micro waved food reverses the molecular polarity of the food substance being heated. This is a recognized fact within some of your mainstream academia. When this is taken in the body, circuitry within the digestive system and bowels are effected, both on the physical and energetic bodies.

Now the precondition recognition is essential, first by knowing within what situations auric interference from opposing energy fields can occur. Sensory indications can be quite subtle. The first sensory indicators are emotional lows, a sense of being tired and out of sorts. Humans rarely connect this to EMF loss, because it occurs quite commonly due to the fact that most homes contain interfering fields, and the stress of life within families, jobs and daily life have their stressful aspects. Aspects that are indeed in part due to energy loss from the taut hectic pace, worsened by lack of exercise and healthy diet.

Question to AA Metatron: What can be done to strengthen & solidify the Human EMF?

AAMetatron: There are many things that can strengthen the field. But first, try to eliminate the root source of auric short circuitry and diffusion. Stop using microwaves for food. If it is a case of being obliged to spend hours in front of a computer, as many of you do. There are steps that can be taken to neutralize the bombardment.

Now exercises to strengthen the auric field are numerous. Some of these are conventional methods, others are not.

· Exercise at least 30 minutes per day. (Tai Chi, Yoga or Walking)

· Increase water consumption, and magnetize water

· Detoxify, through saunas, colonic irrigation, massage therapy

· Use salt baths & mineral baths, and thermal natural springs

· Utilize the Tesla Violet Ray Therapy

· Use of magnetics on the soles of the feet & wrist ( <3500 Gsse)

· Wear specific combinations of gems stones

· Wear noble metal around the neck and on both wrists

· Healthy diet

· Avoid excesses of alcohol

· Elimination / minimize toxins , tobacco and certain prescription drugs

· Take cleansers weekly such as raw garlic, ginger and cider vinegar

· Work with Phi cut Vogel crystals, in auric sealing

· Smudge, sage the field

· Utilizing pure sonic frequency thru crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls & tuning forks

Now, in addition to this, be aware of your emotional state. If you are suffering from lethargy, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression and anxiety, it will certainly serve you to take the steps listed above, but other actions will likely be required. Many of you have chosen certain life lessons that involve removal of obstacles by overcoming ‘contractual set-ups’. These set-up life lessons are in essence opportunities, gifts if you will, to allow you to move forward. If they were easy, you would not necessarily learn. Simply changing your outlook to ‘positive thinking’ when you are dealing with a life lesson that leaves you in a state of lethargic depression is not enough. A ‘Pollyanna’ outlook will not resolve the core issue, none the less, an intact auric field will assist in overcoming these issues, and in certain cases the auric field will not be whole until these chronic issues are resolved. One provokes the other and vice versa. (Mickel Therapy is a recommended approach for assisting with such set ups that result in energetic disorders.)

While some of you may be somewhat ‘karma free’, most of you still have learnings to walk through & issues to clear. The current time is a gestalt to allow you achieve these lessons and to confront and remove remaining energy-viral obstructions. Auric maintenance underpins all.

Question to Metatron: Can you advise if the ‘neutralizing chips’ that are available to eliminate detrimental effects from monitors and computers are functionally valid?

AAMetatron: Except for the individual’s degree of ‘belief’, they are currently of very little assistance beyond the ‘placebo effect’. At the present the ‘bio-chip’ technology is not of a sufficient advancement to be truly effective in its own merit. The most beneficial means to deflect these fields is 5-fold, the first point being applicable in all conditions of field strengthen to negate interference:

1) The wearing of gemstones is far more helpful than the current neutralizing chips. A single refractive gem of 2 cts or more worn on one hand and a double refractive gem on the other helps deflect the fields. Examples of single refractive gems are diamond, garnet and spinel. Double refractive are aquamarine, sapphire, ruby, emerald, tourmaline, topaz or any of the quartz varieties such as amethyst, peridot & citrine. In reference to the double refractive, a carat size of 4 or greater is better. Combine this with noble metals on each wrist, gold, palladium or platinum is best. Silver, copper, brass, titanium and carbon steel will assist if the more noble metals are not affordable. Wear a chain around the neck with a stabilizing pendant, such as lapis lazuli, malachite or azurite. Through this process you have a greater ability to increase your field and deflect opposing ones you see. Clear gems are great producers of higher dimensional light waves, and amplify ones field and help hold it intact.

Do not wear beryl (emerald, morganite, alexandrite, aquamarine) and corundum (ruby & sapphire) at the same time.

2) Try to maintain a distance from the screens. For computer monitors this is difficult, for televisions, 4 to 5 meters is recommended.

3) Placement of ionic generators, such as halite salt blocks & air filters are beneficial in restoring the anion to cation ratio in rooms that contain computers, microwaves and televisions.

4) Utilize the Tesla coil violet ray, light beam applications with noble gases to balance the field, correct reverse polarity conditions and assist in sealing the field from auric bleeding.

5) An effective neutralizer of the effects of a computer is the placement of an iron nickel meteorite on one periphery of the screen, with a block of malachite on the other. Each of these shud be at least one pound in weight.

Question to AAMetatron: Some metaphysicians and shamanic teachings speak of ‘psychic attacks’ occurring when the auric field is ‘open’. Can and does this occur.

AAMetatron: It can and does indeed. However, your term of psychic attack is in truth an aspect of electromagnetics and harmonic oscillation. From a higher perspective these are part of the set up and overlay of growth in duality, as you learn to be responsible with your innate creative forces. As we have told you, your thoughts & emotions have a vibratory frequency within duality that is quite real, and quite alive. When you focus on an event or react in strong emotion to another person or situation, you create energies termed thought forms. These amass harmonically in various manners. If you project great charges of emotionally charged energy, such as anger, jealousy, or love, passion and joy, toward another, you will agree that both parties are affected, yes? If you consciously dwell on these charged vibratory thoughts, then the energy mass, normally short lived, can gain sufficient energy to become an aware thought-form. When spiritual love and compassion are projected and created, a synergy occurs that befits both parties. When fury and hateful negativity are projected a toxic reaction can occur from both sides. If the auric field of the ‘targeted’ person is open, the effect is worsened somewhat, and a temporary energy bleed can result.

Now, it is important to differentiate between malicious or controlling energies and honest reactions. If someone disrespects you the appropriate, honest reaction can be one of pure anger and hurt. When these are openly and honestly expressed a cleansing gestalt occurs that can lead to better understandings and a renewed, improved communication. It is a learning process, and is appropriate. But nonetheless, a form of energetic opposition takes place.

However, when one person feels a vendetta, or a prolonged desire to control the other, the gestalt can dissolve into charged conflict, and as such a malicious energy battle of will may occur. Very often both parties feel ‘right’ and the frequency of hate harmonically attracts more and more like energy until the amassed energy form is so potent that it has the ability to effect a destructive ‘attack’ role to both. Unless one or both of them sees the wisdom of releasing the hate, it will pull them into a downward spiral, creating dis-ease and deeper negativity.

When one is in a state of malicious anger, or self-loathing, depression, that vibratory resonance on its own will deplete and open the auric field. It becomes a self dug pit that gets deeper and deeper. Lifetimes can be wasted. Yet on a higher perspective, much learning occurs. There are times when great souls choose life lessons of overcoming such energies. Some evolved souls such as Gandhi and Nelson Mandela chose set-ups to be wrongly accused and convicted of crimes, and spend years in the negative energy of your prisons to learn to find peace and strength of will under the harshest conditions of oppression.

Now, when you are in conflict, insure your auric field is maintained, and do not allow yourself to fall into malicious reaction. It is not wrong to react in honesty, but the narrow path of mastery, is to not fall into hate and malicious revenge. You see, getting caught in these traps is much easier than getting out of them. Hate attracts more hate. When groups oppose one another, the collective of like thought forms amass, blend and oppose one another in enormous conflict. Very often entire warring nations form collective energy fields and reincarnate in these groups and continue these conflicts until it is finally resolved. Your current Gulf Wars are such an example, a rollover of the Crusades. Your World War II was a continuation of the Atlantean conflicts between those of Poseida (Law of One), and Aryan, (Sons of Belial).

Double-Edge of Thought Forms

Very often the most difficult ‘attacks’ are due to one’s own negative thought forms coming home to roost.

Perhaps the most difficult of these is around learning self-love. When one falls into depression, self rejection, or self-loathing, the attack is self-generating. The thought forms these dear souls create can become so potent, that the auric field splits into personality fragments. A figure eight pattern of negative energy is emitted, amassed and flows back through the opening of the solar plexus. The thought form of self hatred achieves a certain level of independent awareness, and will become a very real obstacle, self- imposed dungeon, until the person learns to face the root of the problem through great effort of will and wisdom.

Energy exchanges occur quite often in daily life. Some are mutually beneficial, others are not. It is important to note that energy cannot be taken from ones whose aura is intact.

Healers constantly give energy within an intact aura, and are essentially unaffected by the transferal. As such love energy is passed from higher sources and the healer’s auric field is capable of willingly being the conduit without losing any of their auric field energy. But take note, if the healer is not in 13-20-33 circuitry healing cannot be truly provided. In fact the opposite can occur, a scenario in which both the healer and the one to be healed both lose energy.

Control & Energy Projections

Now, anytime you feel anger at someone, those thoughts are projected. Anytime someone tries to control you or vice -versa, an energy projection is launched. There are of course situations in which it is appropriate to follow another’s direction. You do this in every aspect of your life, it occurs in offices, militaries, schools and between children and parents.

This is based upon agreement, and is properly germane when not abused. However, it is not befitting in these and other circumstances for one to allow another to abusively dominate their spirit, or maliciously attempt to break their will. Abuse of power often occurs in relationships, marriages, in work, family and social scenarios. In certain scenarios, as described, it is wrong to allow another to abusively impose their will, and is equally wrong for one to seek such control outside the appropriate structures of agreement. This can evolve into a form of, in your terms, ‘psychic attack’. The controller attaches to the solar plexus center of the controlled party and literally takes their energy and interjects a destructive domination. This ‘vampiring effect’, in your vernacular, especially occurs among egocentric people, controllers, and manipulators, it often is attempted unconsciously from people in imbalance and depression, who need a ‘lift’ from being around others due to their own energy shortage. It also takes place on a larger scale in patriarchal dogmatic religions, male dominated societies, and in marriages. It is more difficult to counter in such trappings. When one is aware of being the target of malicious energy projections, auric integrity is of vital importance.

The visualization of enveloping ‘white-light’ is the generally accepted protective mechanism. However if the auric field is open, the light visualization it is not enough. The procedures listed to strengthen and seal the field, listed above, should be utilized. Be aware that anytime you have strong emotions of a negative nature, or dwell in depression, your fields will temporarily fissure. These attacks can only be energetically depletive if the field is open. The projected negative energy is easily repelled when the auric field is wholly intact. In such ‘wholeness’ the energy is reflected back to its source for the sender to deal with. There is lesson here, and Dear Ones, do not be the sender of malicious energy, inevitably it will come back and cause you great remorse. Such is the nature of the law harmonic oscillation.

Religions are often the source of great inappropriate control, control through fear. Even within, the ‘New Age’ in your terms, have sprung up gurus and spiritual teachers whose, fame and power leads to the downward spiral of ego, self-aggrandizement and control. The path of leadership and power inevitably forks and one may be blindly tempted to take the path of greed & power over love. It is part of lesson, and many have fallen in such traps of ego. When this occurs they become ‘energy takers’. That is why you should never blindly follow any leader or channel. Rather use discernment, and attune to your own Divinity. When you become a part of any ‘group consciousness’, and then decide to break free, there is a natural pull from the collective to bring you back in, and as such form of ‘energy attack’, in your vernacular, occurs, especially in possessive collectives who work at recruitment of followers.
Question to AAMetatron: You mentioned combinations of specific gems for strengthen the auric field. Can you elaborate on this?

AAMetatron: This topic is a vast one, and a book on its own. Briefly, gemstones, relative to auric maintenance and strengthening, are in essence benevolent conscious generators of force fields, that reinforce and fortify ones own EMF. Being crystalline in matrix, they also are tuning forks that assist in 13-20-33 Auric Circuitry and indeed in Mer-Ka-Na formation and expansion.

A basic combination would be to wear a single refractive stone, such as diamond, garnet or spinel on one hand, and a double refractive on the other. The best single refractive is the diamond, but it needs optimally to be a solitary of at least 2 carats, and we realize these are price restrictive. The best substitutes are garnets, preferably the Ural Mountain green demantoid, or a red-orange spessartite. Both project the octahedron in crystalline form. The diamond projects the dodecahedron and octahedron. If one can afford it, a combination of colors among single refractive is best. These can be intuitively alternated, according to astrological forces, and ones cycles. Garnets come in virtually all colors except blue. The spinel comes in pink, red, blue and violet.

In terms of double refractive gems for rings, the most potent are emerald, ruby, sapphire, morganite and aquamarine. Project the largest fields, assuming a 3-5 carat size. Alternate colors as cycles shift. Tourmaline, topaz and quartz varieties such as opal, amethyst and citrine are all piezoelectric and also quite potent force generators.

Gem use is not folklore, indeed they are crystalline force field generators of crystalline coherent light. They can increase ones vitality and even prolong life span, particularly when used in tandem. Well to study this topic. Remember the body is bi-symmetrical, hemispheric. Combine gems with metals about both wrists and the neck. Noble metals such as gold and platinum are most potent. Silver is tertiary, but quite benevolent in its aspect. Alternate these. A pendant about the neck is also recommended. Study this topic, and live it.


The process of achieving and maintaining crystalline clarity in the energy of higher dimension is a sacred process the ancients understood in the Divine Art of Alchemy. Many of you are now making quantum leaps, but in order to maintain the integrity of the gains, it is essential to comprehend the basics and walk in impeccability.

Even the reconnection, Masters, to your own (past-life) sojourns of higher development requires focal dedication & work in this one. There are many pitfalls, and imbalance can create delusion if the process is short circuited. There are no short cuts to impeccability. It is why the true seeker on the path of Master never asks, “How much more work is required”. That is because Mastery is a journey, not a destination.

You see the best teachers are students of the eternally expanding process, and the self calibration of personal review is ever a tool in their medicine kit. The basics are never laid aside, never forgotten, never outgrown.

Dear Ones, the pace of change is quickening on the path of the Ascension. Change, as you are learning, is the Nature of All Realities. In find you must now realize that the transition of the Auric Field is a requisite for holding great and greater energy and to evolve into Crystalline Light Body Mer-Ka-Na thru the Metatronic Keys. The Circuitry of 13-20-33 is a profound step on your way to greater reality and Divinity Consciousness.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.
And so it is.

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We’ve got the light codes – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

We’ve got the light codes – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Dear ones,

My awakening spirit family… I don’t know about you but here in canada, people are coming more out of their winter hibernation…and I certainly am too.

I’ve been busy napping, blogging, processing, detoxing and making drums.

I managed to assemble a 11 piece drum set entirely made in native style drums, combined with made in china hardware holding it all together.

I’m also revving myself into better shape to be able to play this beauty of a drumset….

This drum set is going to assist people to awaken to their light codes.

You see my family, we have the light codes!

What does that mean?

It means that we’ve got the keys to the Golden Age and beyond… the blue print of our spiritual awakening is held in the light codes…the downloads of packets of information coming from God via the great central sun.

We can see the world around us struggle, and often we have some guidance within us, to assist people and ourselves in some way.

The awakening of humanity and ourselves is held within light codes.  Similar to a computer needs code to run, so does life need light codes to operate in ever more refined ways.

And so, as guides and wayshowers, we create ways to awaken the light codes, and then to become those light codes in action.

We can create joyful and spiritually uplifting ways to integrate the light codes in our own lives and then to share the opportunity with others who simply do not know the light codes even exist.

So dear ones… how do you share something with someone who doesn’t know it exists?

For me,  the drum is a big part of it.   In fact I can see that I haven’t shared that much drumming online…why is that?  Well it’s because I’m too busy drumming lol…. drumming and chanting is a great artform I appreciate.

Like eating and shitting are apart of our daily routines, get into asking your Higher Self for the daily download of your light codes, and then ask your spirit guides for guidance to manifest a joyful and uplifting expression of those light codes that has your unique energy signature… like a musician, play that note that completes the next chord and then bear witness to the beauty.



Indian in the machine



PS….solar storms have light codes as well… so remember this, either you will clean up your body to handle the EVER INCREASING IN INTENSITY SOLAR STORMS, or you fart, giggle and burp and do not take action….and then one day your body will not be able to handle the light and it will overload similar to electrical overload… your will continue break down until you reverse this process by detoxing your body of heavy metals that slow down the light that naturally wants to cycle through our bodies in ever increasing ways….I’m not telling you this to disempower you, I’m telling you this to empower.


In the old age, we atune our health to the status quo of what society believes.

In the new age, we atune our health to harmonize with the Light of the Universe.

Pure bodies enter the golden age.

Toxic bodies cannot enter the golden age.

The golden age is where only love can exist.

Whatever you want, is what you will get….this statement becomes truer, as all veils between us and instant manifestation are now being dissolved.

What can I do now to protect myself from nuclear fall-out arriving from the meltdown of Japan’s nuclear power plants?

NORTH AMERICA RADIATION AND HEALTH: What can I do now to protect myself from nuclear fall-out arriving from the meltdown of Japan’s nuclear power plants?

Radiation Toxicity Antidotes
(C) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), DC –
Q: What can I do now to protect myself from nuclear fall-out arriving from the meltdown of Japan’s nuclear power plants?
A: History has taught us to “hope for the best,” but “plan for the worst” and to educate oneself better than the politicians or their official scientific spokespersons!
The radioactive metals uranium, plutonium, cesium and strontium are of primary concern, right alongside radioactive iodide. Once lodged into our tissues, all will induce lethal tissue ionization, which over decades will derange genetic functions and kill many cells. To avoid this, the metals need to be removed from the cells. Specifically over the long term, radioactive cesium will concentrate in the fatty tissues, radioactive iodine in the thyroid glandand ovaries, strontium and uranium in thebone, and uranium and plutonium in the liver. For North America, over time this may/will lead to significantly greater levels of cancer or alternative forms of chronic degenerative disease in our children and young adults via thePetkau Effect.(A), (B), 18, 19, 22


Radiation Toxicity Antidotes

As you flush heavy metals from the body, not only to you remove basic heavy metal toxicity from the body, you can also remove radioactive heavy metals.
There it is reasonable to say that ionic foot baths could be used as an affordable, reasonable and effective means to remove radiation from the body.


TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1991 2:16 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 320


This link holds many truthful messages on radiation, human health and planet earth…check it out.




Masters, are you aware, truly aware of the incredible changes taking place around you ? The shift is easily apparent , in all of its nuances, and undeniably so.

And we tell you that there is no place on the Earth at the present time revealing more wondrous evidence of the Earths transition, than the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas.

Why Arkansas you may ask. The answer is because within this vortex lies the largest single deposit of quartz crystal on the planet. The Atlanteans as well as the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance were well aware of this fact. Accordingly there are energetic devices, and refined crystals within this area that were set in place precisely to play a major role in the transition of the earth…and that is happening now before your collective eyes.

It is an exquisite event, and it is beginning to gain notice on a global scale. Do not fear what is happening, for you are co creating it, and it is requisite and indeed beautiful. It is the Crystalline Shift, and that is a key component of the Ascension. You waited a long long time for this, and it is happening now before your very eyes.

Dear Humans, recently a flurry of earthquakes have occurred in Arkansas . Several of these have exceed 4.0 magnitude . A  4.7 quake was reported by your media in Arkansas within the last 2 weeks. These are different from the quakes occurring elsewhere. These are quite unique. These are filling the land of the Crystal Vortex with a magnificent energy and are a result of the activations of the massive quartz and Master Crystals in Arkansas. Oh yes, its true. These quakes, are very soft, very gentle, and in truth are rolling pulses, and they began 2 years ago, but are quickening now.

The tremors that are being noticed  in Arkansas over the past 6 months actually initiated in a lesser crysto-wave in 2008 around the 8-8-8. They are the Crystals Awakening. …and this very awakening is changing the planet. Indeed it is a promised completion for so many of you from the sacred  ‘Law of One’.

These  ‘pulses’ are crysto-quakes, to coin a term, and are stirring up a lot of attention…and will baffle your geologist and physicists for some time yet. These  pulses are absolutely due to the activation of the Master Crystals located in the massive quartz fields of Arkansas. The enormous power of these crystals is quite unimaginable, and indeed capable of ‘shaking the earth’.

These ‘crysto-quakes’ are not connected to the New Madrid fault line which enters into the northeastern extreme of Arkansas. The New Madrid line, as your geologists are aware, does not enter into the physical parameters of the Crystalline vortex of the central areas of the state.  That is an important clarification.

These crysto-quakes will continue through 2012, with noticeable increases in 2011.  But fear not,  we tell you with certainty that what is occurring is benevolent, and these incredible energies are charging the Crystal Vortex & indeed the entire planet with an energetic OMM sonic. These unique crysto-quakes are in fact regulated releases, and offer exquisite coded  pulses that are transitioning the planet , its dimensional nature and paradigm….and indeed humanity in kind.

All that is occurring is leading to the  recoding of the Crysto-Sun Disc and Platinum Crystal Awakening in Arkansas on the 11-11-11.

The understanding and knowledge of this is indeed there for the savants among you, for you know this is an incredible completions for those of you of the Atlantean the ‘Law of One’.

It is why many of you are drawn to be near this energy, for it enriches all within its field. It is the energy of Poseida, and the Temple of One.  It creates feelings of hope, of healing, and a sublime familiarity for so many. It is the pure crystalline frequency of impeccable  love, and it feels like home. These pulse are generating it once again.

Arkansas & Brazil

We also tell you that these crysto-pulses will soon be quickening in Brazil. As Arkansas and Brazil are the largest generators of crystalline energy on the planet and both hold very key energy devices that are playing a major role in the Crystalline Transition of the planet. These devices are the Crysto-Golden Sun Disc. These Crysto-Disc are being recoded in 2011 and 2012. The Golden Disc of Titicaca has now been recoded and awaits alignment & activation with the Crysto Disc on the 11-11-11.

We have told you that Arkansas will be one of the most powerful vortex-portals on the planet by 2012, and it is indeed happening. The Crystals are tuned by the grid, and the Crysto-Sun Disc are in kind aligned to the awakening of the Master Crystals. Each one , each aspect  supports the other in an inertia and critical momentum of harmonic resonance.

Recoding the Sun Disc

The original 12 Golden Sun Disc emerged in the time of LeMuria. These were placed by the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance at specific places on the earth in order to program and network  energetic frequencies.

The ongoing  reprogramming of the Sun Disc  serve in assisting the  ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, becoming in aspect  the DNA pattern or blueprint of the New Earth as it expands its dimensional field into crystalline aspect.  The discs emit energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc-like when viewed.

There are 12 major ‘Disc’ on the planet, and some of the previous locations have shifted. Each of the 12 carry specific purpose and are receiving new crystalline codes. Each of the 12 primary apparatuses feed 12 satellites…the 12 connecting to the 144 in a complex geo symmetry that is suited to the base 12 of the Earth and to the 144-Crystalline Grid, also formulated in base 12 mathematics.

It is in fact the new grid that initially spawns the new frequencies, and as such necessitates the new coding for the disc. But there is a ‘human’ element in the process and procedure. Some of you who co exist in multidimensionality as the Atla-Ra and Members of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance are in kind carriers of the new code. If you are indeed one of these envoys, you are feeling the need to be involved in the recoding, and are drawn to the Crytsal Vortex and to other locations of the 12-helixed discs.

The Cosmic essence of the sun discs is ‘coded’ crystalline coherent light, the light of higher dimension. The energy of ‘home’. The  terrestrial essence of the Sun -Disc frequencial harmonic is crysto-electromagnetic but is synergized with the human theta grid. One creates the other and the other supports the first. Both offer essential gateways of enhancement to human consciousness and are key elements of the Ascension up shift.

The more that humanity understands that its own higher consciousness is based in paradigms of sacred geometric light-codes, the more the  geometry becomes multi dimensional and so the geometric expression of these will up shift in Mer-Ka-Na field. This is happening now you see.  It will become first one, then the other, just as the earth is now the 3rd dimension and then the 5th and then to 12.  What is it that will move it to the 5th? To the 12th?  Not static consciousness but the dynamic activation of higher consciousness.  The activation of the consciousness is enhanced through the understanding of the grid and the activation of that grid which in turn compliments the cosmos, and is reflected back again via the sun disc. We realize this is complex, but we assure you that in your source higher perspective, you understand the workings quite clearly. In fact you planned the process and protocol ! So myriad  factors play a role in this terrestrial to Cosmic shift.

Now of the sun disc, only two are purely Crysto-Disc. The first to be recoded is in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas. This will occur on the 11-11-11. The 2nd is in Minas Gerais. Brazil, and it will recode on the 12-12-12 and the Global Network will reformat on Dec 21, 2012.  This will be an incredible event combining the awakening of the Master Crystals, the completion of the 144-Grid and the complete global networking of the Sun Disc Crysto-Lattice.

Locations of 12 Major Sun Disc:

Arkansas – Pinnacle Mountain

Brazil – Saint Tomas des Letres- Minas Gerais

Bolivia – Lake Titicaca ( Near Island of the Sun)

Scotland – Roslyn Chapel

Russia -Ural Mtns

Russia – Siberia-Lake Baikal

Egypt – Giza

Africa – Kilimanjaro

China – Xi-an Pyramids

French Polynesia – Moorea

Australia- Uluru

Sri Lanka

Again we emphasize that each of the major 12 discs support 12 satellites. Each of the 144 satellites are strategically placed, some of which are greater in pulse, greater in frequencial range, according to the energy grid and node in which they are located.

Be aware, that the placements of the sun disc and sun disc satellites are carefully chosen. Some locales are quite remote, and  that is also by clear and deiiberate design. Factors in vector and placement involve telluric minerology, stellar alignments, and grid alignment. Likewise with the satellite placement, which additionally involve alignment vector angle to the primary disc.

The 12 node satellites in North America, fed from Mount Pinnacle , Arkansas Crysto-Disc,  include:


Denali, Alaska

Lake O’Hara, BC, Canada

Mt Shasta

Needle Rock, Colorado

Chitzen-Itza , Yucatan Mexico

Monte Alban, Mexico

Offshore-GoM, near Galveston, Tx


Asheville, NC

Herkimer, NY

Gros Morne, Newfoundland, Canada


And so Masters, we close by assuring you that all is on track, all is well. While the world speeds forward into the new crystalline age there are intensities that must occur. And whilst difficult in the linear, there is nothing taking place that you do not have the tools and support to manage. In fact you are doing wondrously well.  The filters of duality prevent you from seeing that there are envoys of Angelics, of Ascended Masters and of the benevolent Galactic Federation assisting you in this process. Indeed your own ‘Divinity, your own higher aspects have a role in the script that is now being enacted.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these sacred Truths. And we tell you that each and every one of you are Beloved. You are not alone.

…And so it is.




PREPARE NOT SCARE 2012: How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium Residues, the Effects of Radiation, and Radioactive Contamination

How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium Residues, the Effects of Radiation, and Radioactive Contamination




LEARN THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING IN THREE MINUTES – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

LEARN THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING IN THREE MINUTES – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) Continue reading “LEARN THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING IN THREE MINUTES – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)”

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