satyacenter: SPIRITS OF STONE

satyacenter: SPIRITS OF STONE

Spirits of Stone: Chapter 1 — Quartz Crystals: Spiritual Tools of Ancient Civilizations

Spirits of Stone: Chapter 2 — The Crystal Wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis

Spirits of Stone: Chapter 3 — Shamanism and the Technology of Sacred Stones

Spirits of Stone: Chapter 4 — Ascension Maps: Mystery School Teachings of the East and the West Reveal the Power of Crystals and Gemstones

Spirits of Stone: Chapter 5 — Using Crystals and Gems for Divination and Ascension Practices: The Western Mystery School Traditions — Secrets of The Breastplate of the High Priest; Amethyst and the Violet Ray; St. Germain and the True Nature of the Philosopher’s Stone

Spirits of Stone: Chapter 6 The Structure and Sacred Geometry of Quartz Crytals: Introduction to the chemistry, geology and geometry of crystalline growth structures; sources of quartz crystals around the world, and a word on trends in the global crystal and mineral marketplace in 2009.



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