80 YEAR OLD DAD LOOKS 60! Colloidal Silver Makes A Difference !

80 YEAR OLD DAD LOOKS 60! Colloidal Silver Makes A Difference !

Hey guys —


My daughter recently went through not one but two very bad colds with terrible sore throats. So I sent her the following message, and I thought it might be just good for all the rest of you. Here it is . . . 


Hey Daughter —


I know you don’t believe that anything I do or take for my good health has any real value. B U T — for this once you better do what I suggest . . .


We have been taking COLLOIDAL SILVER for over six years and we haven’t had a cold anytime during those six years. I drink five ounces of it every morning – nothing more, nothing less. And right now at age 81 I am in perfect health and have never had anything else to bother me. I also put a drop or two in my eyes and it makes it possible for me to get through the day with my DRY EYES. Nothing else that the doctor gave me did a thing for them. I only have to do that once a day. It would be better if I did it twice, or more, times a day.


We also use a lot of Ech — Echinacea from Dr. Schulze. His phone number is 1-800-HERB-DOC. But you can also buy it at any health store — GNC. When ever I get too cold and sorta feel a thing in my throat I drink a little bit of this Ech and it stops that feeling instantly. Between the two things listed above there is no way I will every have to suffer through another sick spell with colds or sore throats.


Another thing you both should be doing is buy a water DISTILLER. We have drank ONLY distilled water for the past 6 or 7 years and it helps wonders. The city water you drink is poisoned beyond your belief. And everything you eat that has corn syrup in it is also poisoned. And “they” put it in everything possible.


“They” are trying to kill us all and only the ones that do some of these things listed above will get to watch their neighbors die.


I know you think I am nuts, but what the hell, it won’t cost you much to give it a try.


Love you all —————————– DAD




And your boys and their families should be doing the very same thing. Once you try it and learn the results you will be all over them to do it too.


How many 81 year old guys do you know that look like I do and are in as good health as I am? I must be doing something WRIGHT!!!! Everyone one that doesn’t know my age swears I am only 60 years old.







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