ESSENTIAL KEYS TO DETOXING YOUR BODY FROM CHEMTRAILS!… Himalayan salts, baking soda and ionic foot baths – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

THE KEYS TO DETOXING YOUR BODY FROM CHEMTRAILS!… Himalayan salts, baking soda and ionic foot baths – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

My heart goes out to you…those of who are discovering the horrible nature of chemtrails, and coming into knowing as to the damage this is causing to the human body…  our planet is being sprayed by toxins in order to introduce disease and reduce the population…sounds crazy but it’s happening…sounds crazy, but it’s affecting our health, even if we don’t believe that chemtrails are real.

Although I believe we are seeing the end of dark control on this planet, as this is God’s planet and not satan’s planet, we’re not in the Golden Age (post 2012)  quite yet, as the final battle between the light and the dark is happening right now…it’s called “chemtrails”.  Planes overhead are currently spraying endless toxins all over the planet, with the final goal of extinguishing all life as we know it on the planet, in it’s natural form.  They are trying to create a 100% artificial planet, a planet that has no natural cycles.  If you don’t believe this, just look at this photo and see if maybe I’m speaking truth.


As the chemtrails continue to worsen in the sky they are literally blanketing every breathe of air, that everybody breathes, people are reporting symptoms such as tasting metal in the mouth and sore throats…brain fog….everybody is making the connection between aluminum and brain deterioration due to fine example of many folks who have lived through “Aleheimer’s disease”…which is basically aluminum poisoning of the brain, we know too much aluminum other than a natural amount of aluminum is going to cause brain damage.

What if there was THIS MUCH aluminum being sprayed and there was no escape….would you act then?

Barium toxicity looks like this:

“At low doses, barium acts as a muscle stimulant and at higher doses affects the nervous system eventually leading to paralysis. Acute and subchronic oral doses of barium cause vomiting and diarrhea, followed by decreased heart rate and elevated blood pressure. Higher doses result in cardiac irregularities, weakness, tremors, anxiety, and dyspnea…..”

Basically, the idea of the illuminati is to slowly poison you with heavy metals over time, to see that you slowly die feeding all your savings for your hospital visits, medication and subsequent death. Not only that, but your body will not with stand the gamma radiation called the photon belt, that is coming to our planet associated with 2012. If your body is contaminated with heavy metals, it will not survive the quantum shift of 2012 in which our 95% dormant DNA will be come reactivated.

See article: Drekx Omega Says:The Illuminati Introduce Swine Flu, To Computer Chip Population, And Degenerate DNA/RNA To Prevent Creation Of Superhuman


Use Himalayan salt in diet and in daily salt baths.  The reason for this is that the salt will assist your body and brain, to flush from any imbalances USING A WHOLE SALT FROM MOTHER NATURE, FOUND IN IT’S NATURAL FORM.  Himalayan salt is mined so IT’S BETTER THAN REGULAR SEA SALT, since it hasn’t been exposed to some things like depleted uranium or the other 100000 toxins that humanity has exposed to the atmosphere….sobering thoughts are they not? Making a switch to Himalayan salt is one of the best things you can do for your health right now…drink it….salt your food with it, and bathe with it. Imagine your body’s transformation if you have never used a whole salt before…isn’t it strange that doctors and schools haven’t gone “whole salt yet”….like what are they waiting for? More ADHD, obesity, depression and hyper activity???!!!

If you’re ready you can start drinking crystal water to increase your water intake frequency and infuse it with your spiritual intentions: Create crystal water using himalayan salt, colloidal silver and gold, quartz and pure water.


Basically the aluminum and barium are metals that over time, will slowly make the body acidic.  The idea for us as responsible and loving humans, is to balance our body chemistry from slowly going acidic over time (so slow that we barely can notice), to instead chosing and creating our bodies as slightly alkaline at pH-7.4.  There are two ways suggested to balance an acidic body:

i).  Ionic Foot Baths: ionic foot baths use salt, electricity and stainless steel plates, to create conditions where the body absorbs negative ions from the foot bath water, into the body, to bring the body’s pH from acidic…closer to a pH of 7.4.

ii).  Baking Soda:   Add 1/2 or 1 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup Himalayan salt next to hot bath and soak for 20-30 min.  *Common baking soda still has added aluminum added, but the benefits for balancing your body system using affordable and effective baking soda to greatly restore body chemistry.  In fact, baking soda can be used for any acidic imbalance….obesity, cancer….baking soda will oxygenate our bodies and take our body from an acidic state, to a more alkaline state of pH-7.4…you can even go to about pH=8 which is safe way to remove cancer from the body as cancer cells cannot grow at a pH of 8.

You can also add a pinch of baking soda half a lemon and then add a dash of Himalayan salt and fill the glass with water and ……voila… a once a day gentle and affordable chemo treatment that won’t shock your body and will even assist you to lose weight.

Please share….if we could easily remove cancer from our bodies by balancing our body chemistry, isn’t this something everybody should know…isn’t this something we can take action on right now to keep recreating ourselves as powerful beings?

Love and light,


Indian in the machine

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I may have handed you the keys to detoxing your body from chemtrails…  and maybe have even assisted to bringing some “uncommon sense” to your whole family who is very likely not yet taking their detoxing very serious….feel free to send me a donation via Paypal….$15 would buy an Indian an organic lunch, $25 would buy me some organic extra virgin coconut oil…many thanks and blessings just the same for paying attention, and for taking steps to increase the consciousness of our beloved planet and selves.

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Ionic footbaths – the chemtrail connection


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