RECENT SYMPTOMS AFTER 10/10/10: Sharing…. experiences and confirmations by Deb Graves/ Araznu

From Deb Graves

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Sharing…. experiences

and confirmations



October 15th 2010: Report on ascension symptoms from many across the world. For the past 2 months I have been experiencing an uncomfortable ache and sharp pain under and around my right shoulder. I had thought that maybe I had pulled a muscle whilst starting the lawn mower, but as the discomfort continued I began to wonder if it was in fact connected to something else.

On September 4th at a friends home, during wonderful sessions of sharing and healing, I was able to tune into the area of discomfort. I received a message about expansion and amplification of energies. I made note of this and thought no more about it until yesterday when reading a channeling from my wonderful friend Marlene Swetlishoff(therainbowscribe) The channeling was from Mother Mary and in it she mentioned “Along with this will be a feeling of pain in the back right side, just under the shoulder blade. This is also part of the process and denotes a greater amount of Light absorption within your physical being.” for full channeling HERE.

Well now this deserved a phone call and I quickly dialed her number. Marlene described that she had had the very same discomfort for some time. It is always amazing to me to receive confirmations about such things that are happening. Whilst we were chatting and comparing notes the subject of eyesight was brought up. I mentioned that I had noticed that with my left eye I could see things close up and read easily, yet my right eye was focused on distance. She then shared with me that she had been to the opticians and he had told her the very same thing about her eyesight. The fact that if she was to combine both her eyes they would in fact see 20/20. I posted these facts on my facebook page and received confirmations from around the world as to others that were experiencing the very same phenomenon.

So much is happening at an accelerated speed, purification and balancing of all our functions, the brain, eyes, hearing, left female energies and right male energies. We continue with absorption and expansion of our light bodies, DNA shifts as our beings transform into the crystalline state. It is important to share our experiences with others as we travel along these uncharted paths. We should remember that we are forging the way with ascending the physical body to the 5th dimensional vibration and beyond.

I will add at this point about my physical hearing, I have had for the past 10 years a continual high pitched ringing in my left ear. This was diagnosed as tinnitus by a physician and connected with a yeast allergy. I know that this is not the truth to me, as the fluctuations in frequency of the ringing change in times of earth crisis or important happenings. I now find I no longer physically hear the earth plane in this ear, it is tuned to a higher vibration.

I would love to hear from you if you have experienced any of the above symptoms, so that we may make others more aware of what is happening with our physical beings.

Much Love and Blessings

Deb Graves / Araznu

Visionary artist,energy reader and healer.
Belleville, Ontario, Canada



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  1. Veronica says:

    Yes!! I have been looking for an answer to this for months. The right shoulder thing. Thank you for sharing the info with us.

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