Roger Haeske is an internationally recognized expert in

the Raw Food Diet, Bodyweight Fitness and Infinite
Potential Training. He’s also a former professional tennis
instructor and the author of “Infinite Tennis,” which was
his first book.

Roger is the creator of one of the most popular Raw Food
Diet websites on the Internet. He’s also the author of the
international best seller Lightning Speed Fitness Program
that has sold thousands of copies in over 33 countries
around the world.

Since 2001, Roger has coached hundreds of people to better
health, happiness and peak performance with the Raw Food
Diet. He’s a motivational expert and helps people to break
free of cooked food addiction the fun and easy way —
without willpower or needless struggle.

Roger publishes an inspiring, entertaining and often
controversial e-letter called the Superbeing Secrets
Letter, of which you can get a complimentary subscription
on his website:

Some of Roger’s Other Sites: