Issue 45: “The Polarity of Power & Love”

Metatronic Keys: The Mer-Ki-Va Crystalline Light Body : 
Polarity Clarification”

Issue 44: “Santa Fe – Installation of the Golden Pax”

Issue 43 – Equinox Issue: “Alchemy & Requisite of 13-20-33 Circuitry”

Issue 42: “The Crystalline MER-KA-NA

Issue 41: “Auras, Angelics & Antimatter

Issue 40: “The Alchemy of 2010

Issue 39: “‘The Cosmic Trigger Phase ll: The Crystalline Awakening'”

Special Issue: “The 11-11, 12-12 and 12-21
The Triad Star-Gates of Love””

Issue 37: “‘Universal Beginnings & The Crysto-Electric Cosmos'”

Issue 36: “‘Divine Feminine The Heart of the Dove'”

Issue 35: “‘Tahoe -Vortex of the Violet Flame'”

Issue 34: “‘9-9-9 
Activation of the Emerald Crystal of Healing'”

Issue 33: “Parallel Earth, Antimatter & The Michael Vortex of Banff”

Issue 32: “Alchemy of the Goddess 
The Divine Feminine of the Platium Ray”

Issue 31: “Awakening the Sacred Dragon 
Cosmic Trigger Part 2″

Earth Day Edition: April 22 2009
“The Ascension Infinity Portal – Bosom Of Gaia”

Issue 30: April 3 2009
“The Enigma of Grimes Point: Time Gates and Spirit Cave”

Issue 29: March 4 2009
“Pyramids & Parallel Dimensions”

Issue 28: February 4 2009
“The Cosmic Trigger of March 2009 
‘The Return of the Firmament of the Dove’ “

Issue 27: January 5 2009
“The Metatronic Keys of 2009”

Special AA Metatron Channeling for the Solstice: December 21 2008
“The Alchemy of the Solstice”

Issue 26: November 25 2008
“The Timeless Enigma of the Crystal Skulls”

Issue 25: November 5 2008
“Sacred Sedona : The Stargate of Shaman’s Dome”

Issue 24: October 27 2008
“The Alchemy of Phi Crystals”

Issue 23: October 5 2008
“Conversations with Alton Kamadon”

Issue 22: September 12 2008
“The Perfect Storm”

Issue 21: September 2008
“Ireland’s Skellig Michael & The Michael Ley”

Issue Twenty: August 2008
“The Inner Earth , LeMurians, Yeti , Devics & UFO’s”

Issue Nineteen : July 2008
“The OM Crystal of Shasta”

Issue Eighteen : June 2008
“Manifestation : Impeccability & The Crystalline Field”

Issue Seventeen : May 2008
“Merkabah to Merkivah : The Crystalline Waters of Shasta”



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeanne says:

    Hi Dieter. We continue with the 12 week plan of ionic footbaths and Tom Kenyon Cds. In the 4th week our friend who read and increase in light holding (kiniesiology) jumped not just origianl 40 upwards but this time stretched to 404 from a previous 359. We are adding Collodial Gold for release of the ru. arthrit. See Meso Gold if any one is intrested, US N.J. site. Reading carefully, the best application of Collodials is to get a true collodial in nanoparticulate of a size absorbable and reliable ratio and stable solution, taken on empty stomach in the a.m. under sterile condition, applicator, spoon or dropper etc. Forinstance most colloids are really ont but ionized forms of silver and gold etc. silver wire in water with current, produces a silver chloride not a collodial. This won’t pass the membranes of the small intestine or get to the blood in a useable form. contamination or heat can destablize the colloide. Lots of things to learn. If intrested check out Meso Gold site under search, Collodial silver/gold. Also read about the application of Collodial iridium. Wow. Stay in wonder. Jeanne

    1. Thanks Jeanne…. I believe you’re on to things! Blessings, Dieter

      1. Jeanne says:

        Also you might want to know that store bought collodial silver is often an unabsorbable protien form. I earlier purchased some which tested low scale on dowsing but if it is what you can afford it may be suitable for deodorant or to help against viral by some absorbtion. I am experiencing from the collodial gold a more balanced brain activity, alertness. also doing ionic footbaths. I don’t recommend increeasing more than once per week on the footbaths. Could loosen up too much at once in the stages of detox. I tried it twice and had energy stuck which created pain. flows is nice one time perweek, more loving to self too. . Ps Dieter the new site i wonderful. So much talent. My sound went out and I sure miss your music and videos. Thaks for all your work. Everyone I have sent to you site oves it. Ooo you deserve a big hug. Jeanne I can’t see the typos so hope you got this.

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