SACRED CRYSTAL WATER RECIPE #2 – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

SACRED CRYSTAL WATER RECIPE #2 – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Crystals (suggest Quartz or Amethyst)
A Glass Cup, Glass Pitcher or Urn
Himalayan Salt
Colloidal Silver and/or Gold
Purified water

The idea here is to infuse water with programmed crystal energy. Crystals hold vast amounts of energy, so that idea is that our bodies can be “rebuilt” from carbon-based to crystalline-based, thus able to process much more information…and the process of crystallizing the body is essentially the doorway to latent gifts you may already possess….increases in IQ, new talents and abilities, dormant traits that are waiting to be developed…it’s all about personal power. Can you see now why the powers-that-be-for-now are so “hellbent” on seeing that your reality is full of toxins…toxic, food, air water and soil? It’s to DEGRADE YOUR DNA/RNA to prevent you from becoming a superhuman! Anyways back to our recipe…

First you wash your crystals and make sure they have no lingering energy, you may do this with by running water through them, or you may leave them out in the sun or moonlight for a day or two, or cleanse them with your intent…with sounds, with words, with thoughtforms.

Second, you program your crystals, put them in your hand and tell them what you want from them, this can be done at a distance too…. Do you want more health? More love? More peace? Be specific. After you have programmed the crystal, you must then seal it with platinum energy of Archangel Michael,  so that the crystal and store and run your program without interference from conflicting programming. (You can re-activate a program within a crystal by placing it in your left hand and blowing on it three times).

You take your glass container and fill it water water, you add a pinch of Himalayan salt, a drop or a few drops of colloidal silver and/or gold, and the crystals to the water and gently mix.

Drink and enjoy! Notice how the water tastes different, and feels different from “normal” water?

Colloidal Silver and/or Gold: Useful to as a crystal catalyst
Himalayan Salt: To hold the crystal structure of the water
Crystals: Useful for programming the water with spiritual/emotional/thoughtform energy.

Extra tidbits:

1. You can add spray this crystal water in rooms to cleanse the air.

2. You can add this crystal water to baking, soups, raw spreads etc.

3. You can add this crystal water to your skin after a bath, or during a sauna or sweatlodge.

4. Crystal water can be used for pets, animals or even sprouts and plants.

5. Imagine how else crystals water can be used… to heat homes, for healing…. to community planning etc. The possibilities are endless and within our potential right now.


Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) is a galactic artist interested in creating a more harmonious way of living on our planet. He sells ionic footbath plates, and colloidal silver and gold at his website. Dieter currently lives in Ecuador where he is enjoying living as a free spirit, sampling ample inexpensive fruit and veggies, and having collaborations with our like-spirited artists. Dieter believes our planet is currently in an advanced state of transformation due to strong gamma radiation coming from a galactic cloud, and it’s part of our planet’s 26000 year cycle.

Photo: Indian in the machine

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  1. Darlene Buckingham says:

    Thank you! I have just prepared some Sacred Crystal Water. I appreciate you sharing this wonderful knowledge.

  2. Majidah says:

    Dear Dieter,
    Can one or more of the “5 Platonic solids in pure crystal” be used to as a purifier to charge the water as well? These are the different geometric forms:

    1. The Tetrahedron
    2. The Cube
    3. The Octahedron
    4. The Icosahedron
    5. The Dodecahedron

    Each one is very powerful also.

    1. indianinthemachine says:

      Majidah, I believe that would be a great idea!! Thanks for suggesting. It is interesting to think about combinations too. Dieter

  3. indianinthemachine says:


  4. indianinthemachine says:

  5. CreeWoman26 says:

    you know what tastes really good? put the water out in 24 hour moonlight/sunlight cleanse, too…purified water

  6. Linda Thornton says:

    I have not tried the sacred crystal water recipe yet as I am still waiting on the materials to arrive but I have begun leaving a crystal point in my water bottle all the time. I am what is known as “disabled” but I prefer to think of myself as physically challenged..haha. So in the past I have saved plastic coke bottles and kept water in them so I would have something to drink. And I know that is not a good idea but at the time it was all I had. My point is I can drink water out of the bottle which is filtered water by the way and it tastes ok. BUT when I put that same water in the bottle with the crystal in it, the entire taste changes, it is like the cleanest, freshest tasting water I have ever had. So I know the crystals work.

  7. I am an Indian from canada, and have been through several genocides…this is a photo of me, after 4 years of ionic foot baths….yup…

    This is a photo of me, after 4 years of ionic foot baths….yup, I’m 42 years old, and I eat generally what ever pleases me, but tend to go more raw and veggies, and have recently started to drink crystal water.  I am diligent but not obsessive  about having regular himalayan salt and MMS baths, to wash the chemtrails and viruses from my body and to reminerize it, as for most of my life I was only using table salt, and my body was beginning to fall apart in my mid 30’s as a result of lacking in minerals in their natural ratio.  Generally most people are not as concerned as I am, about their health and it shows in the eyes… sometimes people don’t like to look in the mirror but I do, because I want to experience “me living”.  I don’t believe that I came to earth to die, I came to earth to live and grow.  In order to connect with my own health, I connect with the truth.   Often people ask me for advice because they know there’s a gap, where their doctors fail them.  It’s my pleasure to assist you to close the gap between you and full health…the gap is called “denial”….and I have created several websites to assist, all of which can be accessed at  I am your loving brother from the stars and a shining point of light on this planet, and I’m here to assist you, however you’ll have to do it yourself…. heal thyself by ending your denial of God, because there IS a direct connection between your health and your connection with God…know it!  I enjoy making connections between 2012, health, crystals and sacred water and the spirit world….and seeing beyond this reality into the next, has certainly kept my spirits up. Keep on consciously dreaming and keep detoxing all those chemicals in your food, air, water and soil….the overall effect can be quite debilitating.  When you look at my face, know that you are looking at a man who has gone through and witnessed several genocides in his lifetime, and I have still risen up and you can too.  I feel you connecting with me, more and more… often people ‘recognize’ me through my eyes, my smile and my voice/music… smiles… thanks out there, those of you who have finally begun to share information that matters and to those who are rising up above all preconceived limitations on life and love.



    Indian in the machine


    ELECTRIC MEDICINE MAN 2012 – See Beyond Existing Reality tba



    1. kkozak says:

      Hey Deiter,
      Please youtube cloud clearing, it’s going viral, it’s easy to do, and can definately
      open minds on many possibilities.

      1. Thank u! Blessings, Dieter

  8. I love it thank you so much! U have at least 5 crystals and I didn’t know about that lol. Now I do, thanks to you 🙂 ❤

    1. Wonderful!….Crystals will also assist with radiation too….

      CRYSTALS AND HEALTH INFORMATION CENTRE: You can program your body to repel or attract radiation

  9. Lightnbug says:

    The Morse Code to Health!
    Dr. Morse has cured people with spinal injuries…and more:

  10. Dear Deiter,
    I am truly enjoying your website and all the valuable info. Thank you so much. May I ask if you know what the new blue lines across the USA 100 dollar bill is?? Or anyone out there? Thank you kindly,

    1. Thank Barbara, what they say and what it actually is for, are two different things, but they say it’s a security strip… who knows… nowadays it could even be medication… everytime you touch these bills it’s like a dose of something.

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