Indian in the machine writes: 40% more brain cancer for those who use cell phones? I guess the cure for cancer isn’t “out there” is it? The cure for cancer is to know the consequences for one’s actions, so that one can either choose wisely…. or ignore wisdom and choose to be ignorant. Hey teenyboppers….which one is more cool? Which one is a “no-brainer”?….I do use wifi and believe using the internet to awaken humanity to be far more useful than using wifi to play some dumb video game on your cell phone….thus, doubly rotting your brain! Remember that having regular salt baths will assist you to clear the stored radiation in your body…..from the article below, “studies reveal a worryingincidence of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue,
nausea, dizziness and memory problems. There is also some suggestion that there may be an increase in cancers and heart disease.”

Is The Wi-Fi Revolution A Health Time Bomb? by Rowan Conrad

A recent authoritative Finnish study has found that
people who have used mobiles (cell phones) for more
than ten years are 40 per cent more likely to get a
brain tumour on the same side of the head as they
hold their handset; Swedish research suggests that the
risk is almost four times as great. And further
research from Sweden claims that the radiation kills
off brain cells, which could lead to today’s younger
generation going senile in their forties and fifties.
Professor Lawrie Challis, who heads the
Government’s official mobile safety research, this year
said that the mobile could turn out to be “the cigarette
of the 21st century”.
There has been less concern about masts, as they emit
very much less radiation than mobile phones. But
people living—or attending schools—near them are
consistently exposed and, studies reveal a worrying
incidence of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue,
nausea, dizziness and memory problems. There is
also some suggestion that there may be an increase in
cancers and heart disease.
Wi-Fi systems essentially take small versions of these
masts into the home and classroom—they emit much
the same kind of radiation. Though virtually no
research has been carried out, campaigners and some
scientists expect them to have similar ill-effects. They
say that we are all now living in a soup of
electromagnetic radiation one billion times stronger
than the natural in which living cells have developed
over the last 3.8 billion years. This, they add, is
bound to cause trouble.
Prof Leif Salford, of Lund University—who showed
that the radiation kills off brain cells—is also deeply
worried about wi-fi’s addition to “electronic smog”.
There is particular concern about children partly
because they are more vulnerable—as their skulls are
thinner and their nervous systems are still
developing—and because they will be exposed to
more of the radiation during their lives.
The Austrian Medical Association is lobbying against
the deployment of Wi-Fi in schools. The authorities
of the province of Salzburg have already advised
schools not to install it, and is now considering a ban.
Dr Gerd Oberfeld, Salzburg’s head of environmental
health and medicine, says that the Wi-Fi is
“dangerous” to sensitive people and that “the number
of people and the danger are both growing”.