The Miracle Mineral of the 21st Century by Jim Humble

The Miracle Mineral of the 21st Century
by Jim Humble

I was in South America prospecting for gold. We
were about as deep as you can get into a rain forest
jungle in the Interior of Guyana, the country next to
Venezuela on the South. Two of my men came down
with malaria. The helicopter wouldn’t be back for 6
weeks, and we were a full day’s travel from the
nearest mining camp. I sent two men running but
they wouldn’t be back for 2 days, and if that mining
camp didn’t have malaria medicine, it would be six
days before they would be back. It is not acceptable
at all to wait 6 days before taking malaria medicine.
I was desperate. The men were my responsibility. I
had long suspected that the stablized oxygen that I
brought along to purify water would kill most
parasites. I asked the men if they would be willing to
try a health drink that I had brought from America.
They were lying in their hammocks shivering, but
with fever, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, muscle
pains and joint pains. I made up two drinks, putting in as many
drops of stabilized oxygen as I dared into each drink.
I used 25 drops.
We were all amazed when the men were totally
symptom free in 4 hours. They got up to eat dinner
that evening and go to work the next morning. The
next day two more men came down with malaria and
they were cured the same way in less than 4 hours.
To make a long story short, I finally determined that
it was chlorine dioxide that was curing the malaria,
not oxygen. After that it was easy to create a much
more powerful solution than had ever been used
I learned that chlorine dioxide was used in water
treatment in thousands of water systems throughout
the world. Chlorine dioxide is used because it is
selective for pathogens that might be in the water.
Amazing as it might seem, chlorine dioxide is injected
into the water and it only kills pathogens. It does not
mix with and create numerous compounds like the
chemical chlorine. The kicker is, it only lasts 2 hours,
and then it simply deteriorates into salt, just plain old
table salt, and discharged oxygen ions that can not be
used. The oxygen ions become a part of the water of
the body. Chlorine dioxide leaves nothing behind, no
residue, nothing to build up or cause side effects.
The same thing happens in the body. Chlorine
dioxide is created there by the chemical sodium
chlorite, it lasts 2 hours while it runs around and only
kills pathogens, and then it deteriorate into table salt
and a bit of non-useable oxygen. Nothing is left
behind to build up or create poisons. This is totally
different than chlorine that does not deteriorate and
remains to build up and create numerous poisons and
even some carcinogenic compounds. Chlorine dioxide
is an ideal sterilizer. It kills the germs, and then it
goes away, leaving nothing behind.
I developed a concentrate of sodium chlorite, the
chemical that generates the chlorine dioxide, that was
many times more powerful than the stabilized oxygen
that I took into the jungle on that prospecting trip.
We began to call the solution the Miracle Mineral
Supplement or just MMS. The reason for making the
solution more powerful was so that I could carry ten
times more solution than the original solution that I
had taken into the jungle. I could then treat ten times
as many people for the same amount of solution
carried. Again, to make a long story short, I traveled
to the countries of Kenya and Uganda where I worked
with missionaries there to personally treat over 2000
malaria patients. The people I trained then treated
over 75,000 patients. In the entire group of patients
that we treated, there were no deaths reported.
Normally in that many malaria patients there would
have been at least 300 deaths.
I later traveled to Malawi where we did clinical trials
in the prison there, teaching the clinical technician to
use our solution to keep the men malaria free. The
clinical trials proved the effacacy of our solution as
100% of the malaria victims treated were cured. The
government there then conducted their own clinical
trials with the same result, 100% recovery of all those
Upon returning to the US I finally wrote a book
covering most of the details of what had happend.
This book resulted in thousands of Americans and
Mexicans using the MMS. One clinic in Tijuana now
treats almost every patient that arrives with the MMS.
People are now using the MMS to treat almost every
kind of disease known as it destroys pathogens of all
The MMS continues to surprise and amaze me as new
people call up and say that they have treated one more
condition successfully using the MMS. I am
beginning to realize that many conditions such as even
ADD and autism are caused by some kind of viral or
bacteria load that has never been suspected, as these
things would not otherwise be helped or cured by a
sterilizer. Time after time, those who have had
chronic pain for years are over the pain in just a few
minutes after taking one or two doses. I have seen
dozens of people who have been told by doctors that
their terrible pains are psychosomatic in nature, and
then one or two doses of MMS and their
“psychosomatic” pain is gone, or maybe not that fast,
maybe it takes a whole week of working up to a
heavy dose before the pain is gone.
Let me say it one more time, “to make a long story
short” I discovered that a chemical called Dioxychlor
had been around for 15 years. It turns out that it is
the same thing as stabilized oxygen, and the same
thing as MMS. More than 100,000 tests have been
conducted in hospitals and clinics throughout the
world to establish its effacacy in the treatment of
diseases. I had not come up with anything new. My
two little clinical trials were insignificant in relation to
the thousands of clinical trials already conducted. The
evidence is overwhelming. There is no room for
anyone to argue against or even doubt the results. All
I did was change the protocol slightly and to take it
from the laboratory stage to the world. While the
doctors slowly, very slowly began to test different
diseases, I didn’t even think to go slowly; I treated
everything that came up. Again, as amazing as it may
seem, even in face of those 100,000 successful tests,
the Dioxychlor (Registered trade mark) may never
have made it to the world if someone such as an
inventor like myself had not kidded himself into
thinking he had come up with something new. The
Dioxychlor would never have made the drug
companies billions of dollars. The fact is, it is
practically impossible to patent a chemical and make
it stick and there is no patent.
So when those doubting Thomases and the arrogant
know-it-alls make their totally ignorant statements
about MMS being a poison and that we are criminals
for treating people with untested medicine, just
remember: the Miracle Mineral is not a miracle, it is
simply genuine.



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