How do I create sacred crystal water – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

angelHow do I create sacred crystal water – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

This is the water that I’m using to crystallize my body so that I can adapt to the powerful Light frequencies bathing our planet at this time.

I take distilled water and I add about 1/8 tsp. Himalayan salt crystals which have over 80 elements from the periodic table, and I add them to one litre of water held in a crystal glass container with lid. I dissolve the crystals in the water. I place one pink quartz crystal inside. Place container in the sunlight and moonlight in an open spot…it is ready for use soon after. Drink this water, annoint your head with this water, put this water on your skin…you are cleansing and renewing every part of your being with this water. Have a quiet moment in joy and confirm the Highest of your intentions. You are reprogramming this water as it enters your being and in the process mutating yourself into a living crystal. As we know crystals can hold vast amounts of information. This is one of the powerful ways to attract the Golden Age….it’s time to give up the struggle, release the attachment to old ways that no longer serve us…it’s time for us to attract new forms of free energy that exist all around including within us. This special crystal water will assist you to have a pleasant, powerful, and peaceful time between now and 2012 as our solar system travels through the photon belt. As we crystalize our bodies, we cleanse them of toxins at the same time. Enjoy. 😉

Thank you for sharing this information with at least two people with my blessings and thanks.

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  1. Orvin Gonzalez says:

    Just a quick question. Where can I get the Himalayan salt crystals. Would really appreciate your help.

    1. Orvin, you can get it in health food stores or order online. Enjoy! D.

    2. Jeanne says:

      I bought mine originally from a metaphysical store at #30 / box but bought my next batch from 3 jars for about %12.50 each, shipped quickly and payment secure. Lots of info on the site also. One jar should last over 1 1/2 yR. gREAT BUY. GO IN WITH A FRIEND. jEANNE

  2. Hello beautiful one! Thank you for your wonderful water blessing info….I myself also have a system that I put my glass jugs of water(with different types of crystals dangling on them ) I set them on the ground for 24hrs so as to return it to its natural form of sun ,moon and earth everytime…. I set it down to be blessed I send the most powerful love I can create inside and just wait for confirmation that the love has imprinted into the water….I use it for cleansing my face and most of all drinking and more…I have been doing this for awhile now…and for special blessings I play high resonation music onto it and use sacred geometric symbols to empower it even more, sometimes it is so powerful that it can make one dizzy or disoriented …as far as the himalayan salt I put it on my food but do not cook with it as it cooks out some of the minerals…..I love our new ways of being, it is the way of the Gods & Goddesses.
    Much respect to you….and many blessings dear one!

    1. Thanks butterfly from heaven. 😉

  3. MARK MCDOWELL says:

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!

  4. Wendy says:

    Did you know you can buy liquid crystals from a site called The Liquid Crystals? They’re made by an Australian guy and are terrific.

    1. Thanks Wendy, this is news to me, got a link? Gracias, Dieter

    2. christine says:

      hi wendy, can i have the link where i can buy liquid crystal, Peace and Love

  5. sensiway says:

    does the type of water matter? tap, filtered, rain?


    1. the purer the better…then add a pure mineral back in.

  6. Soraya Seifts says:

    I am a seeker of the light, in my quest I have stumble upon you. I know that personally I don’t know you, but feel that spiritually I definitely do. I also intuitively know that you are a powerful shaman and man from the stars. I want to express my gratitude for your tremendous service to humanity in this crucial time. I thank my higher self and spiritual guides for leading me to you, for I am honor in your presence. Do you have any schedule appearances in New York City, I would appreciate it if you could inform me of this. I would consider meeting you, a life changing and transforming event. NAMASTE

  7. Bart says:

    hey, whasssuuuup??!

  8. Rita Myson says:

    Hi Dieter,
    It is Rita we met in Omhaven on June 2011, I found you on my facebook friends post, I was guided to write about the sylphs after seeing your video. I have a picture of a Sylph over Stonhenge in May 2011, I noticed it after I returned home to Alberta and downloaded my camera to my computer. I have it as my facebook picture it is truly amazing. I call it a fairy as it is in England…a air elemental.
    Hugs, Rita

    1. indianinthemachine2 says:

      HI Rita… would love to see the sylphs and stonehenge… feel free to post on facebook, or comment, or email…. hugs.. D.

      1. dominique says:

        what are sylphs?

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