Hilarion’s Weekly Message: December 6 – 13, 2009

December 6 – 13, 2009
Welcome back, Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I want to discuss self value. We see the need from our perspective of the many Lightworkers who need to honor and value themselves. Each of you have worked diligently to develop your abilities and bring forth your Light unto the World, knowing that as you did this, you were blessing the World and everyone around you. You did this by sacrificing the human pleasures that people around you enjoy without thought of consequence. You purified your thoughts, your bodies, your intentions and motivations. You purified, purified, purified. And still it continues, growing more and more refined, digging deeper and deeper within yourselves, reaching depths that you never knew existed and bringing them forth for your review and acknowledgement.

The secret now is to concentrate on feeling love, joy and gratitude. Practice feeling these qualities until it is a constant refrain that takes place without even thinking about it. As you train yourselves to do this, you are changing every cell of your body, transforming it into Light. By focusing on feeling and expressing these qualities, you bring to yourselves more of every good thing in life which will inspire you to express these qualities again and again. For the Universe brings to you more of what you focus on. Yes, the World you have been living in has seeming chaos every where you turn but you do have a choice, Dear Ones. You can choose to focus on expressing and manifesting that which you want rather than expressing the thoughts and attitudes of the old dualistic way of being. By making this choice, you are choosing that which is life enhancing and your life will continue to be blessed in many ways.

You will come to the realization that you are the Creator in your life and you will see the manifestations of this in the most amazing ways. The Universe will open up avenues for you through synchronistic events that will lead you to your Highest and greatest good. This is the way of the New World, the Ascended World. Begin to bring it into your everyday existence now. Know that the Universe is very rich and there is enough for all and not only that, but the Universe is like a magic genie who gives to you all you have ever desired. Desire greatness, Dear Ones, desire to be the best that you can be. Your Soul is ready to take flight into multi-dimensionality and unlimitedness. The very atmosphere around you is supporting you at this time. Visualize yourselves as brilliant Beings of Light, golden white Light. At the core of every Soul, this is the true essence of Being. Your Light Body is immortal and incorruptible and is desiring greater unification and integration with you. See your Radiant Self around your physical Self each day. This will help to bring It in and anchor It within yourselves. Use any means available that will keep you connected to this image of your Radiant Self and feel and express Love, joy and gratitude at all times. This is the surest way to full integration.

The times ahead are filled with great potentiality. It requires your due diligence and the honoring of your Selves. Listen always to the voice within. There are always those upon your World who would take from you the Light that you are by making judgments when you stand in the Light that you are. Just tell yourselves that their opinion of you is not any of your business and move on into expansion. Those who expand themselves into their greater potential are indeed honoring themselves and the Creator. This includes at this time in your history, asking for an energy exchange of money for your services. Each of you still walk upon this World and cannot sustain yourselves from the air alone or keep yourselves warm in the cold winter days by your thoughts alone, you need the energy of money in order to see to your daily needs. There is no dishonor to yourself by providing services that are truly desired and needed by others in exchange for the energy equivalent of money. The days are not yet upon your World where One can fill their needs instantly by thought alone.

As you daily walk your Path, know that you are Divinely supported in all of your endeavors, those that are for your Highest good. Each of you never walks alone, even in those times when it seems that you are. Never forget this, Beloved Ones. We are with you always.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion



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