2012 Products For The Light And Love Expanding Within

2012 Products For The Light And Love Expanding Within
2012 AND BEYOND – The Indian in the machine collection

I’m developing two new products for my ever expanding line of offerings which can assist people to deprogram their bodies from the modern world and can also assist people to realign their mind/body/spirit with the Universe. Also, with the upcoming economic crash very likely coming in a few months that may involve several bank closures, it’s important to have some products on hand for personal use, and for barter. Along with these item, consider purchasing bulk grains, nuts, seeds and legumes along with other foods that can be stored without electricity.

1. Colloidal Silver – Okay for a while there I was making bulk colloidal silver, then I ended up making silver all day and everyday. I’m now offering 240ml bottles with new redesigned labels. for $25 each. If you order 5-10 you may receive them for $20 each. This can be very useful to deal with flu, colds, infections, parasite cleanse etc. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, colloidal silver is useful for over 650 strains of flu, bacteria, fungii etc.
For more info. http://www.indianinthemachine.com/colloidalsilver.html

2. Crystal Quartz Bath Powder – Imagine having a bath in which the water has literally been programmed by you, to heal and nourish the soul/Goddess/God/child within. This Crystal Quartz Bath Powder may assist you to do just that and much more. Keep in mind that crystals can be programmed by you to emit any energy that you desire, so really the power of this Crystal Quartz Bath Powder is limited only by your imagination. With such fine ingredients such as finely powdered crystal quartz, and adding the 84 minerals of Himalayan salt, and baking soda to alkalinize the water, and voila, you have finally, after all these years, learned another way to repurify and rebalance your Lightbody through the beauty of the bathing experience. Each pkg of Indian in the machine’s Crystal Quartz Bath Powder 18ml sells for $15. They make lovely gifts can several can be shipped inexpensively…if you order 6 or more you may receive them for $10 each, order now to increase the chances you receive your gifts before the holidays.
New article by Ascended Master Kuthumi: Crystals and Their Functions

3. Indian in the machine’s Ionic Foot Bath Plates – I’ve said it wasn’t a trend and it isn’t…detoxing from the modern world will not go away as an issue in your life. People who are sick have generally avoided detoxing their bodies and remineralizing with a good salt like Himalayan salt. My ionic foot bath plates are one way you can get those negative ions back into your body, that you need in order for your body to purge itself of toxins. The plates sell for $175 each or two for $300 (you purchase power unit separately). I can’t think of any other way you can detox your body of 100000’s of toxins and start a new business for ~$225 can you? http://www.indianinthemachine.com/ionicfootbathplates.html

International Delivery….minimum order of $80….thanks and well be to you. To order send an email to Dieter Braun at indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca, and state which gifts, and in which amounts you wish to receive along with your mailing address and then I’ll send you a Paypal invoice where you can pay using your bank account or credit card even.

Thanks for you interest….let’s keep shedding our illusions and walking into the era of human health and wellbeing together…you have my support. Dieter (Indian in the machine)


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