We can now start to connect the dots between swine flu, and vaccines, and chemtrails, and the photon belt of gamma radiation that our solar system is travelling through, this Light would act as a catalyst for the mutation of human dna/rna into superhuman status.

Hi Folks, we can now start to connect the dots between swine flu, and vaccines, and chemtrails, and the photon belt of gamma radiation that our solar system is travelling through, this Light would act as a catalyst for the mutation of human dna/rna into superhuman status. We can now see why the processed food industry is pushed upon us at every street corner store and supermarket….it’s one conspiracy against humanity that fits, that people with money and power already know of the photon belt and it’s effect on mutating humanity, and they sought out ways to poison the food, air, water and soil in order to depopulate the world so that they can have it for themselves….pretty greedy eh? Now you know why pop and junk food is sold everywhere and why fast food chains have “special meals” for the children! Surely you can see the chemtrails being sprayed over large urban centres all over the world? But hey that’s not the story…. even the illuminati cannot stop these changes from reaching humanity WE ARE BECOMING SUPERHUMANS it bears repeating WE ARE BECOMING SUPERHUMANS that’s our story….as our solar system is bathed in strong new Light, the very fabric of life itself changes, since the gamma radiation would be like taking a plant from the shade into the bright sun. This is why it’s important for all humans right now to drink lots of water, to detox their bodies from existing toxins, and to introduce a good quality Himalayan salt into their diets right now. I do offer ionic foot bath plates for international delivery for those who wish to detox that way, but please that is secondary to putting all our dots together so that we can see the larger picture playing out on planet earth, say “no thank you” to the existing reality, and then turn your attention over to a whole new reality that we are creating right here right now, with our Light and Love we are doing it……..joyous awakening (even to the illuminati…you’re toast!) Dieter
Indian in the machine

“Dear Creator, I am coming to the realization that earth is a slave planet that is under quarantine until humanity can shake off it’s parasites that feed on it via dark governments, media, corporations and financiers, so that we can regain our God-like abilities once more……I thank you for the information that you send out into the world that I receive that has awakened me to a reality that is completely different from the commonly accepted reality that limits all of us as spiritual beings. I thank you for my awakening….and the opportunity to ascend into higher energies of the photon belt, into the 2012 and new superhuman status….thank you for the lessons I have experienced on planet earth, now I’m ready to let go of all energies that are not serving the greater good for All. I realize that you and I both desire the same things….I am ready to become the superhuman that I am capable of becoming…Thy Will Be Done”

Drekx Omega Says: The Illuminati Introduce Swine Flu, To Computer Chip Population, To Denegenerate DNA/RNA And To Prevent Creation Of Superhuman

Drekx Omega Says:
Still nobody on Infowars.com has yet intuited the complete truth about the vaccine’s use as a bio-weapon, and have largely touched upon peripheral truths, to date….. I shall now join the dots.

The most important factors within the H1N1 vaccine are, as speculated, intended to reduce Earth’s population and that is why they are targeting the long term sick, children and pregnant women. Mercury & squaline are sufficient to create complications for these particular categories of Human beings, as even brain development in children, leading to illness and death, can be achieved using mercury. An effect similar to lead poisoning via leaded petroleum fumes. This will also effect the unborn fetus within pregnant women and the squaline will effect the nervous system creating chronic pain, thus neutralising further reproductive capacity. The chronically ill will be curtailed completely by the squaline and mercury combined. THAT IS THEIR FIRST TARGET POPULATION….!

What then of those who do not fall into the categories in their first wave?? These others are particularly feared by the Illuminoids because they have health, intelligence and potential to resist the NWO. The use of nano-particles in a shot for this category has a duel purpose. It is intended to insert the much feared “chip” in people that can then be tracked and controlled, and generally used as slave labourers, skilled and otherwise. All populations accross the globe will be targeted thus, they hope.

But, there is an even more secret reason for the intention to introduce this vaccine to all groups, surviving the vaccine or not, and that is to do with curtailing the ongoing mutation of Human RNA/DNA, first noticed in all global populations from the mid-1980s onwards. The famous double-helix DNA discovered by Watson & Crick, has a central area thought to be evolutionary “junk,” but is actually a growing third strand, increasingly communicating with the other two strands. The potential of the light-encoded filaments in these strands to trigger a rapid metamorphosis into a twelve strand RNA/DNA is of great concern to the Illuminati Elites, because once activated, it will make the human being a totally new type of superhuman being. A being with a fully utilised brain (currently, even a genius only uses one tenth of his mental capacity.) A changed endocrine system, a raised healing rate, an intergrated and fully functional seven-chakra system operating on the aetheric level and morphing into a thirteen chakra-system.

This natural process of super-evolution creates the “Novaman” species, also known as Homo Galactus, a severe threat to the NWO power base, because such beings will be in natural telepathic communication with their fellows, on world and off. They will not be fooled by elite mind games any more. Their life-span will be lengthened by hundreds of years, ending the “consumer and debt” society forever. Their consciousness will be raised to superhuman perceptive levels, increasing psychic powers, currently latent, but growing. Such beings will be sovereign and have no further use for the drones known as Illuminati. They will be able to utilise natural gifts long attributed to the fabled “gods” of history and “mythology”, for they will be becoming gods themselves, as co-creators working for the ONE GOD, physical Angels and Galactic Humans. Then the historical tables will be turned forever and that is a future that fills the NWO elites, at very high levels, with crippling fear.
The desperate hope of the Dark Cabal, is that the vaccine nano-particles will incorporate gene-splicing agents intended to effectively halt the receiving of Galactic (cosmic ray) signals and information packages activating the molecular mutation, by splicing the strand communications at cell level.

The secondary method being ramped-up, to prevent the Galactic signals getting through, is to change the frequency of the terran atmosphere, using sprayed airborn particulates that lower the intensity of the super-violet rays currently bombarding our planet and causing changes in human beings responsive to the energy input. At least a quarter of Earth’s Humanity is very responsive to these incoming rays and are mutating, at what the NWO consider an “alarming rate.”

Note that the NWO Illuminati had originally intended to activated their “one world government” plan in 2000 AD, but were delayed by a split in their ranks in 1995. If they had been successful then, the DNA changes would have been “nipped in the bud” earlier and we would all now be slaves under their control. Instead, history and GOD is turning the tables on the bad guys and soon you will witness their fall from grace and our rise to full consciousness and membership of the Galactic Federation of Light.

For clarification, this is NOT intended as an endorsement of Hitler, but I believe his bosses in the Thule Society knew that such a major Human development was due to occur. Problem with the Nazis, was that they thought it a physical racial factor. The Aryan “race” is that SPIRITUAL race that develops mind via the material body. It is not only the Teutonic people exclusively. Although, they (5th Aryans) are indeed Aryan, as were/are (Vedic Asian) Indians (1st Aryans) from the sub-continent. The spiritual development and evolution of races, describes each having a role in development of one or more body. The persona, the mind, the emotions, the physical…..THESE ARE CALLED ROOT-RACES…:

1) Borean
2) Hyperborean
3) Lemurian
4) Atlantean
5) Aryan
6) Aquarian
7) Septenarian

Each Root-race has seven sub-races of spiritual development through matter.
For example, the 4th root-race of Atlanteans, had 7 sub-races as follows:

1) Rumoahl
2) Tlavatli
3) Toltec
4) Turanian
5) Original Semite
6) Akkadian
7) Mongolian

The spiritual purpose behind the Atlanteans was the development of the emotional vehicle, or astral body…..In contrast to the Aryan root race, which was mental development on the physical plane. The Lemurian body was the first FUNCTIONAL PHYSICAL HUMAN BODY…
The Boreans could not physically manifest on Earth…

The 5th Aryan sub-race of “Europeans” is about to transform into a new 6th sub-race of Aryans, I call “Novamen….”

Awaken Novamen and heal your DNA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNiyCZ_9nL0

Posted at Infowars http://www.infowars.com/croatian-priest-says-vaccine-for-destruction-of-humanity-worldwide/ in the comments secton

Another posting from the same page:

Posted at Infowars http://www.infowars.com/croatian-priest-says-vaccine-for-destruction-of-humanity-worldwide/ in the comments secton

Another posting from the same page:

williamwallace says:
Wifes cousin is in military said there would be 2 vaccinations at seperate times the first will be volintary the second will not be and chipping will comence under the guise of national security she said to leave the usa soon if you dont wish to be forced at the end of a gun to do this. At first she seemed nervious that we knew sorta what was planed. but yeah gun owners will be engaged first before it happnes gold owners will be forced to give it over to governments to so call spread the wealth since gold owners have all the wealth in real terms. Trading will not be so easy since the threat of arrest for using it as an underground economy will spark panic. Nor will leaving the USA soon with gold and silver without the NWO knowing where you go and how much wealth you are taking with you.. Basically the 7 bowls of wrath will be poured out before they chip the rest of humanity. Revelation 18 speaks volumes to the people who wish to oppt out of this so called civilization of reporting to our new parents the NWO and having to work 18 hours a day to afford a roof over head and food for the family. Think Survival of the fittest only its Human VS human. Sad time in history for all who live. 15 years ago I was explained by a so called 5%er said that shortly 85% of humanity had no clue what is going to happen to them and will perish due to their being dumbed down chemically and pyscoligically. 10% know what is going to happen sort of but havent got the control of the right channels kinda to stop the slaughter of the worlds dumb from what is going to happen to us all. The 5%ers are so called gods who have total control at every angle on earth they believe they have the power mentaly and soon physicaly to litterly move mountains. Basically there are 23 wise scientists working with these luntics who think they are gods on earth to reshape our planets future of whos family tree branch extends past 2012.

Posted at Infowars http://www.infowars.com/croatian-priest-says-vaccine-for-destruction-of-humanity-worldwide/ in the comments secton
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  1. Sentrynox says:

    DREKX, this vaccine wasn’t one that you describe! It was 3 vaccines in one!
    One for the H1N1, another for the now dead pulmonary pest and an evolution catalyst (that you won’t find any reference on the web of course) called Troponysin!
    Why you the pulmonary pest vaccine you might ask, it is because scientists have found that this virus, capable of killing billions if spread in the wild, is still living deep buried in the ground, and that anything digging an hole in the ground is susceptible of bringing back this now disapear disease! If you have doubt on the motivations of the world to do so, then you shall know, that since last February (2009), the US government has classified all meteorites fall in the world… Not a good sign, when you learn a little bit later in April 2009 that the CIA has purchase a company specialized in calculating carbon emission from dead trees… The link is easy to do= Falling meteorites, burning forest, means a lot of troubles and diseases that we thought long dead!
    The pharmaceutic company responsible for this pulmonary pest vaccine has stop production in early 2000… But this supposedly dead disease has risen from death in Ukraine last fall, when H1N1 Vaccines were found “contaminate” with the pulmonary pest itself (became soon an epidemic http://www.ibrattleboro.com/article.php/20091109231525706 )…
    As for the Tropomysine catalyst, it is not to stop the creation of a super human, but to boost the speed of the creation of a super human… Why? Simple, if you can engineer human evolution on a planetary scale, you can control them, by giving the elite a better evolutionary boost, while you can enjoy greater human efficiency (more $$$$ to the wealthly).
    If they do fail to engineer humans on Earth, their power might come challenged, over time, so global engineering of human evolution is their master plan to remain in power for generations to come, or just to enslave humanity forever!! Thats the plan here!

  2. indianinthemachine says:


  3. indianinthemachine says:

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