November 2009

General Information on crystals

General Information on crystals

Quartz the most important tip is that quartz crystal should never be used on patients suffering with cancer, liver problems or serious blood related problem. Quartz crystal can multiply cells rapidly…think of its usage in watches, computers and machinery. The power of this particular crystal should not be under-estimated and therefore it should be used with care. However, it is the most important crystal for healers as it can be used almost anywhere on the body. It is, however, better to avoid male crystals (these have great clarity) on certain areas of the body, such as near the head. Male crystals should never be placed in an area for sleeping. Continue reading “General Information on crystals”


Metatron – Locations of Stored Coded Crystalline Energy

Metatron – Locations of Stored Coded Crystalline Energy

On the 2010 Activation long dormant coded crystalline energies Activate as part of the Cosmic Trigger in 25 primary locations across the planet. These locations are:

1. Minas Gerais Brazil
2. Bahia, Brazil
3. Arkansas
4. Muzo, Colombia
5. Bolivia
6. Herkimer, New York Continue reading “Metatron – Locations of Stored Coded Crystalline Energy”

2012 Products For The Light And Love Expanding Within

2012 Products For The Light And Love Expanding Within
2012 AND BEYOND – The Indian in the machine collection

I’m developing two new products for my ever expanding line of offerings which can assist people to deprogram their bodies from the modern world and can also assist people to realign their mind/body/spirit with the Universe. Also, with the upcoming economic crash very likely coming in a few months that may involve several bank closures, it’s important to have some products on hand for personal use, and for barter. Along with these item, consider purchasing bulk grains, nuts, seeds and legumes along with other foods that can be stored without electricity.

1. Colloidal Silver – Okay for a while there I was making bulk colloidal silver, then I ended up making silver all day and everyday. I’m now offering 240ml bottles with new redesigned labels. for $25 each. If you order 5-10 you may receive them for $20 each. This can be very useful to deal with flu, colds, infections, parasite cleanse etc. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, colloidal silver is useful for over 650 strains of flu, bacteria, fungii etc.
For more info.
Continue reading “2012 Products For The Light And Love Expanding Within”




As time and the higher vibratory atmosphere healed the many “wounds” of past history – the memories of war and competitive strife of Earth-life – the old differences and distinctions of race, creed and color had gradually faded. They were not silenced as an act of self-discipline nor were they “swept under the carpet”; such distinctions and the prejudices which so often went with them had been manifestations of a lower level of existence, and in a higher-vibratory atmosphere the old national, religious and linguistic groupings no longer held any relevance. Earth’s geography too had changed, so even if people had wanted to go back to their “old countries” this would not in most cases have been geographically possible.

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Hatonn Speaks The Truth….about how the Light wins!
With God’s authority…information intended to free humanity from the illuminati, self-imposed slavery, serpent people, ‘jewish’ elite, and satan.




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We can now start to connect the dots between swine flu, and vaccines, and chemtrails, and the photon belt of gamma radiation that our solar system is travelling through, this Light would act as a catalyst for the mutation of human dna/rna into superhuman status.

Hi Folks, we can now start to connect the dots between swine flu, and vaccines, and chemtrails, and the photon belt of gamma radiation that our solar system is travelling through, this Light would act as a catalyst for the mutation of human dna/rna into superhuman status. We can now see why the processed food industry is pushed upon us at every street corner store and supermarket….it’s one conspiracy against humanity that fits, that people with money and power already know of the photon belt and it’s effect on mutating humanity, and they sought out ways to poison the food, air, water and soil in order to depopulate the world so that they can have it for themselves….pretty greedy eh? Now you know why pop and junk food is sold everywhere and why fast food chains have “special meals” for the children! Surely you can see the chemtrails being sprayed over large urban centres all over the world? But hey that’s not the story…. even the illuminati cannot stop these changes from reaching humanity WE ARE BECOMING SUPERHUMANS it bears repeating WE ARE BECOMING SUPERHUMANS that’s our story….as our solar system is bathed in strong new Light, the very fabric of life itself changes, since the gamma radiation would be like taking a plant from the shade into the bright sun. This is why it’s important for all humans right now to drink lots of water, to detox their bodies from existing toxins, and to introduce a good quality Himalayan salt into their diets right now. I do offer ionic foot bath plates for international delivery for those who wish to detox that way, but please that is secondary to putting all our dots together so that we can see the larger picture playing out on planet earth, say “no thank you” to the existing reality, and then turn your attention over to a whole new reality that we are creating right here right now, with our Light and Love we are doing it……..joyous awakening (even to the illuminati…you’re toast!) Dieter
Indian in the machine Continue reading “We can now start to connect the dots between swine flu, and vaccines, and chemtrails, and the photon belt of gamma radiation that our solar system is travelling through, this Light would act as a catalyst for the mutation of human dna/rna into superhuman status.”

IONIC FOOTBATH SCHOOL – The BEST Ionic Footbath Explanation

IONIC FOOTBATH SCHOOL – The BEST Ionic Footbath Explanation (2of14)

Kuthumi: Crystals and Their Functions

KUTHUMI: Crystals and Their Functions

Greetngs.Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Light.

This is Master Kuthumi. Today I’d like to discuss the use of crystals and stones used in healing. From ancient times, humanity has always been fascinated by stones and crystals. In ancient times, going way back to Lemuria and others, humanity had a fascination with stones and crystals. Even in the modern times, stones are worshipped when it is made into an art from – or a form with which they associate with their belief systems. Many parts of the world carve beautiful images of their perception of God/The Creator and worship them. There is somehting in these mineral kingdoms which calls to humanity’s heart. Crystals in particular has a great resonance with in humanity’s heart. Why is this so? For at the deepest level, all humanity is made of Crystalline structure and both the crystalline structure and the physical crystal outside emits light. When healers use crystals to bring healing and balance to their patients, what they are really doing whether they are consicous of it or not, is awakening them to remember their own cystalline nature. Humanity is evolving towards becoming a crystalline being where by they are able to comprehend their true essence/their true nature. Continue reading “Kuthumi: Crystals and Their Functions”

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