Ionic Foot Bath Testimonials

Ionic Foot Bath Testimonials


Indian in the machine’s Ionic Foot Bath Testimonials

Mar posted something on your Wall and wrote:

“My first foot bath!!!

This is a testimonial… I feel really great after the bath… Water was disgusting and smelled really disgusting haha so that is a positive signal for what I was doing was the right thing. I feel much better, headache has gone, my feet are lighter, I feel more energy, I feel happiest, lighter, fearless. I highly recommend the foot bath and thank you Dieter for the opportunity!!!! I will tell you about my second bath later :)”


Hi there,
Just thought l would let you know that l received both plates today,and
that l tried them out.l was amazed by how effective they are.
Thankyou for your services in providing such a fine product and all you do in bringing
truth and wisdom in the turbulent times that we are all facing.
It is a difficult task,although l will try to do what l can and will endeavour to do more
as we go forward.
love and light to you Tim@janet

More testimonials at Indian in the machine’s IONIC FOOT BATH PLATES webpage.


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