Are your regular showers harmful to your health? by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Are your regular showers harmful to your health? by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

1. Are your regular showers harmful to your health?

For most people but not all people in North America… yes!

2. Why are regular showers harmful to your health?

People who use municipal water and take regular showers, are damaging their health because the human body requires a pure high-mineral water source. Most municipalities of North America have failed to provide a pure high–natural-mineral water source.


3. What is in most municipal water supplies?

Added fluoride and chlorine along with many pharmaceuticals are intentionally added to most municipal water supplies and has contributed to cause harm to public health…increases in illness, disease, cancer and early and painful death are the results of this policy.

4. Who is responsible for this sure but slow and intentional poisoning of municipal water supplies?

National, provincial, state, and local governments have a responsibility to the public to immediately take steps to ban the public use of fluoride, chlorine and to remove all pharmaceutical from the water supply.

5. Is there another highly important reason why showers can be damaging to one’s health?

Yes! The water is demineralized. It’s possible to remineralize municipal water with 60-80 elements from the periodic table as a reasonable and affordable investment in public health. Water that is demineralized and void of crystalline properties is “dead” water will not “crystallize” in the body.

6. What sort of water supply could be the new public standard?

A. First the water can be purified with reverse osmosis and even oxygen to rid the water of any anaerobic bacteria and viruses.

B. Then added minerals like Himalayan salt or in some other means to extract a natural-based mineral source. Himalayan salt has 70-80 elements from the periodic table which is why it is preferable than the cheap table salt that only has sodium, chlorine and iodine in unnatural ratio.

7. Is it better to take a bath than a shower?

Yes! If you take a bath you can add himalayan salt to the water which will give your body the minerals that it needs to detoxify and nourish the cells.

8. Why is it preferable to use Himalayan salt than sea salt.

Himalayan salt is mined from underground so it hasn’t been exposed to many contaminants…let’s face it…the oceans are poisoned….so an underground mineral salt is a better choice.

9. Will salt baths help the body to detoxify and to crystallize?

Yes! Salt intake through the skin helps to purify the body….because the salt increase the body to cleanse itself. As the body cleanses itself of toxins and heavy metals it essentially allows the body’s energy system to become highly refined because eliminate the “internal” resistance of each cell of your body. As the body’s energy becomes highly refined…it takes on crystalline properties.

Essentially as you detoxify your body and reintroduce a high-quality mineral experience, you harmonize your earthly experiences with the Universe and thus, God…developing god-like qualities….you will excel in your chosen areas of creative expression.

10. Could it be said that added fluoride, chlorine and pharmaceuticals to most municipal water supplies is a crime against God and the people, by their governments?

Yes. Governments who still put fluoride, chlorine and pharmaceutical in the water supply are responsible for this ongoing crime against the people and God.

11. Why don’t governments admit their guilt and clean up the water?

Governments don’t admit guilt because if they do their entire system can come crashing down (it is anyways!). Governments are guilty whether or not they “officially” admit it.

Just as one example but a big one…the justice systems operate under the assumption that the intentional poisoning of the water supply isn’t a factor in every legal case however it’s denial of this fact is quickly eroding since the public is becoming more informed everyday about this issue. Seriously….the addition to fluoride, chlorine and pharmaceutical to the water supply affects:

Your brain function
Your relationships
Your ability to drive
Your ability to work
Your cancer risk
Your illness risk
The aging of your body
Your relationship with God
Your ability to discern right from wrong.
Your ability to reason

The facts are clear: Added pharmaceuticals, fluoride and chlorine to most municipal water supplies makes people docile so that they accept their authorities…however the people are waking up to this reality and are taking steps to take back their power from those who desire to control.

The final battle between Light and dark is around water. Do you choose a healthy mineral rich water supply? If so focus on this thought for at least 68 seconds in moments of meditation…make that choice and send the Universe a strong message that you deserve a pure high mineral water source.

12. Is the government justified in taking insidious steps to control the people by damaging their health in municipal water supplies? Do people need to be controlled?

Controlling people by making them brain damage and making them more prone to illness and cancer is not the sort of governments the world can sustain any longer….we need our brain power and health back!

I guess we could say that the more people take showers…the more easily they go along with the status quo….the more easily they can be controlled…the more “in the dark” the become since their ability to reason with God becomes compromised.

People don’t need to be controlled. As we take steps to purify our water systems, we can expect less need for police, for laws, for regulations…speed traps….fascist laws…..parking tickets etc.

Fluoride to stay in Calgary drinking water
7 Apr 2009 … Fluoride will remain in Calgary’s drinking water after city council voted down a motion to remove it.…/cgy-fluoride-city-council-water.html

Free yourself! Take a salt bath instead of a shower and flush the “old” world order from your body….free yourself from cancer, from illness, from the buildup of toxins in your body.

Send this message to anyone who takes a shower in municipal water! Share on facebook, my space, twitter and your blog.

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