Dieter answers: Common ionic foot baths questions.


Dieter answers: Common ionic foot baths questions.

Why do you say that most of us are toxic?
There are 100000’s of chemicals in our environment…
…NONE of these manmade chemicals BELONG inside us.

Humans in power want a planet that is poisoned so that
they could control our spiritual connection with God
and limit our health, our reason, our brains, our POWER!

Our bodies are the doorway to our emotions, our thoughts
and our connection with God.

Since we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, the
cleanliness of one’s body is directly connected to the
richness of one’s spirituality.

Governments, corporations and media have GREATLY mislead the public
the TRUTH of 1000’s of chemicals including, chemtrails,
vaccines, vitamins,
mercury fillings, processed food, microwaves. x-rays,
junk food, pop, plastics,
table salt, and more…so much more.

Why do you say these ionic foot baths work, and what do you say to the many skeptics?

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect says that there is an effect or
consequence for ALL of our actions.

Even if we simply were soaking our feet in salt water without the added
electricity, we would be absorbing salt water in through our feet.

Our bodies need enough “negative ions” so that our cells to do what
they are designed to do.

Ionic foot baths use electricity, salt water and stainless steel,
to create negative and positive ions.

Ionic footbaths work because our bodies readily absorb negative ions
through the feet.

*Our bodies absorb negative ions through the ionic foot bath water,
when our bodies are more acidic than the ionic foot bath water.

What can I expect after one foot bath? What else can I do?

Most people feel a greater sense of wellbeing after one treatment, however
depending on your level of toxicity,
… up to 1 treatment/week for 12 weeks is beneficial, then go from there…

If your body tells you to go slow, then go slow, if your body tells you to go faster, then you can go faster…listen to the messages your body
sends you… always!

Drink lots of water, sweat, sauna….the idea is to flush your body
after the foot bath…flush…flush…put back in healthy clean food,
then flush some more…

*A source of great controversy…let’s be concerned with what’s inside us rather than what’s in the water, so that we don’t get sidetracked from our mission, which is to create optimum chemical conditions via balancing of our body chemistry, so that our bodies can heal themselves with our direction.

What is all the stuff in the water and why does stuff form in the water without feet?

A special note: When we use ionic footbaths, we are intentionally oxidizing metal in the presence of salts in a slight acid in order to create negative and positive ions.

These conditions create precipitate (ie. stuff in the water) as the metal
acids form salts.

Yes stuff forms in the water even without feet in it.

These ionic foot baths ultimately work off the pH differential between the pH of your body, and the foot bath water.

For example if your pH is 4.5 and the pH of the water is 6.5, then we have a pH differential of 2.

Your results would be generally more dramatic than if a person who’s pH is 5.5 who would have a pH differential of 1.

The larger the pH differential, the greater the visual results.

A special note for skeptics: The human body flushes heavy metals through the urine but you don’t see chunks of heavy metals when you go to the bathroom do you???

How do ionic foot baths cause the body to purge toxins?

When we oxidize metal in the presence of salt, we form an ion soup…..

For bodies that are more acidic than the foot bath water, they readily
absorb the negative ions in the foot bath water.

Once in the body, these absorbed negative ions will go where they are
needed most.

These negative ions will provide the “chemical fuel” for the body
to release positively charged metals and chemicals.

Ionic footbaths will increase the release of many metals in the body
including metals that our body uses like iron, this is why it’s important
to eat clean healthy food, so that needed metals can be readily replenished.

How can ionic foot baths be used as a natural chemotherapy?

We know that cancer cells cannot grow at a pH of 8.

Therefore it’s reasonable to assume that if a person brought their body
chemistry to a pH of 8, then they would reduce the cancer growing
conditions in the body.

You can add baking soda to the seasalt and ionic foot bath water in order
to create conditions where the pH of the foot bath water is ~8.5 or even 9.

Since ionic foot baths work based on the pH differential between the foot bath water and the person who’s feet is in the water.

This has the effect over time of bringing the pH of the person who’s feet is in the water, closer and closer to the pH of 8.

We can use ionic foot baths to alter our body chemistry where cancer and illness can no longer thrive?

Why do you also consider it to be a new business venture?

A few sets of these plates and a person literally can start their
own small business.

People are making pretty good cash setting up at conferences,
health shows, community gatherings etc.

Do the math in your head….after 10 treatments for $20/each treatment, each set of ionic footbath plates will pay for themselves in less than a successfully rewarding leisurely/brisk day.

What other opportunity have you ever heard of, where a personal
can pay for their entire new business venture, in less than a day
of assisting your fellow brothers and sisters
to heal and understand their bodies?

…and so portable that you can easily transport with convenience!

Ionic footbath plates are stainless steel resting on an acrylic stand. This is a solid, no-frills way of detoxing.

Some people would pay $1500 to do the same thing, for the privilege of having a few added gadgets/features, but for many, right here is the true value.

Indian in the machine’s stainless steel plates will last through 100’s of uses.

What are the instructions for using the ionic foot bath plates?

Set up video can be viewed here.




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